Saturday, December 22, 2012

Expanded space

I'd like you to point your mouse over to M.J.'s site and see two extremely interesting options for expanding your Rogue Space game.

Cybernetics and a new Psionic Archetype with new Psionics!  Both are offshoots of his ongoing Star*Drive conversion to Rogue Space, and all combined create a fantastic setting/resource for your own Rogue Space game.

Give yourself a holiday treat and check out MJ's outstanding work!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


As I work on the Dark edition of Rogue Space I am considering a substantial change.  The overall game remains the same, but I am considering changing NPC/creature building rules.  I think it will make the game even better.  But I hear you ask, "Is such a thing even possible? YES IT IS!"  :)

When I created the full edition of Zombies Attack (my zombie survival game, you have downloaded and played it right? I mean its an off shoot of Rogue Space game design so don't fear the dead) I came up with a simple mechanic for NPC's.  Instead of being fully created with all attributes, only certain critical attributes were listed with a bonus.

This gives the referee an idea of focus for the foe in question and in play where/how the npc will act. The more attributes listed, the more dynamic, and potentially deadly, the foe. If an attribute is not listed? You can still use it, but there is no bonus for the creature/NPC using that attribute. Simple clean and it does not require a wonky sub-system to make them work. Notes on damage, size, etc are still used/useful but the base game mechanics are more streamlined and fluid.

Before I go mucking about and potentially "fixing" something you do not believe is broken, please let me know what you think.  Time is short as all the art work is complete and the text is being redone.  I think rather than adding an adventure I may add a section on bionics and mutations. Those might be fun and more inspiring.  As always your feedback (even the meh for my other efforts) is welcome.

Monday, November 19, 2012

So Quiet

...because I finally completed work on my fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds.  I thought I could do two games and a full time job...and let me tell you how WRONG I was!

Now I can focus in on finishing the Black Edition of Rogue Space.  Thank for your support and patience! 

If you are curious about Heroes & Other Worlds, or like the idea of a Melee/Wizard/Moldvay inspired RPG...then please by all means have a look! It is a simple and sensible system...and I think its great, but everyone thinks their kid is genius so YMMV.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

status report

A plan never survives first contact with the enemy and so it is with my own.  Working simultaneously on Rogue Space and my Fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds seemed to be going just fine.

Then October turned into a sudden rash of business trips and when not traveling a cold laid me out for a week.  Worse than that, my wife also caught the cold and all work everywhere on everything screeched to a halt.

While sickness is fading, the business trips have not and my October plans are now bleeding into November.

Thanks for your continued support and patience!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ever been to Kazix?

Want more Rogue Space goodness?  GOOD! I am pleased to say Hereticwerks has an outstanding site description for a location in their Lithus Sector, Kazix. 

You really need to click and check it out, its a fantastic detailed description and is filled with possible adventure!

Need more help thinking of an adventure?  No problem Hereticwerks hooks you up AGAIN! The ever popular "Bug Hunt" style adventure...and six possible mishaps!
There are some really creative twists which are perfect for Rogue Space!

Best of all this is all FREE! So much Rogue Space goodness available right now from Hereticwerks! Now get some dice, round up your players and start exploring the Dark Frontier!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rogue Transmission #2...RECEIVED!

Faster then the Dark edition of the rules, Rogue Transmission #2 is ready to be received.  It is a fantastic issue and I am really grateful to this issues contributors!  An new contributor, Tanner Yea makes his debut, Porky adds in all sorts of random tables, and M. Jarred, with art from his brother Jarom, expand the mech rules for Rogue Space into an incredible full blown rules article! In fact they all contributed so much, I just saved my own stuff like cybernetics for a future transmission!  

Get it while the signal to noise ratio is still clear!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


While we wait for the full transmission to be received, I HIGHLY recommend you take a trip over to the LITHUS SECTOR.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneak Peak...Fionna

Here is a sneak peak of my wife's work for the Dark Edition rules book.  This is how she describes Fionna:

"Fionna is a merchant and a dangerous one. She is beautiful, hard working, ass kicking and isn't afraid of danger, if there are enough credits to make it worth her while. Think Jade from Jonny Quest, think female Boba Fett, think...well...Fionna from Burn Notice.  Watch your six and don't cross this kat!"

This is why its taking awhile for the book to finish, she is making some great illustrations to make Rogue Space Dark Edition worth your time and money.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Patience is a virtue

So what's taking so long to get the black edition out? Art.  My lovely wife is working hard and is trying to make some bad ass bits to make Rogue Space dark edition worth your time and money.  As a result, well, it takes time and when someone is doing the hard work for love not money, its a real jerk water who says  "okay do your best but macht SCHNELL!" She did not marry that guy!

Good news? Rogue Transmissions 2 will be out before the dark edition book, and what a great issue it will be!  Thanks for your patience and support!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome to Lithus!

Hereticwerks has really outdone itself by creating a full blown sector to explore!  They will begin adding to and bringing to life the Lithus sector over the next few weeks!  I hope it becomes a regular stop as you explore the Dark Frontier.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Century Mark

I have waited to post something because it is post #100 here at Rogue Space. It needed to be something special and I thought it was going to be about the Dark edition rules book...but let me tell you...THIS is special and well worth post 100 status!

Hereticwerks has published an OUTSTANDING FREE ADVENTURE for Rogue Space!  Yes it is rock your astro-sox awesome...but it gets better...

The adventure is the gateway to their forthcoming LITHUS SECTOR for Rogue Space! Yes an entire built from the ground up sector to explore...and maybe survive...

Get over there and start following their lead up to Lithus now, and run the adventure--I am this weekend!

I  want very much in post #100 to say thank you to my fellow bloggers supporting Rogue Space.  Your creativity and talent in exploring and expanding the Dark Frontier is nothing short of amazing. I am thankful for your work and inspiration!  You make this game more fun!

MOST of all I want to thank you the player, for taking a chance on a simple but flexible little sci-fi game. I am grateful for your time, attention, and most of all your support. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Transmission #2

Hello fellow Rogues!  This is a deadline announcement for submitting materials for Rogue Transmissions #2!  I'd like to put this out in later September so Please have all submissions to me by 8/31/2012!  Open office document or MS Word works fine. 

Please Email submissions to

Make sure to include your name (pen name or real) as well as your blog site address so I can point people to more of your great work!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Your Time Will Come...

As promised, I have now posted in pocket mod format the optional ship combat rules for free.  These will be included in the Dark Edition rule book as an option and for those owning the original rule book, you now have them for free! 

In essence these rules have ship combat damage become a bit more cinematic in application.  Also the exact damage effects in game play allow a creative referee to add more description and effects.

They are strictly optional  and as with any RPG rules: add, expand or discard as you like.  They are an amalgam of rules based on Mike Berkey's Where No Man has Gone Before 2.0 and my own Far Trek RPG rules set.  As with all things Rogue Space, they are simple to use and can be expanded on to suit your own desires.

Speaking of the Dark Edition rules, art continues to be created, and cover B was chosen!  Thanks to all who voted.

Also M.Jared Swenson has a Star*Drive history post for use with Rogue Space!

The art in this post is Fallen Astronaut by SeanSoong.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Star Drive for Rogue Space

M. Jared Swenson has produced a new set of 3 pocket mod books converting the core elements of the Star*Drive setting into Rogue Space pocket mod booklets!  I can't begin to tell you how outstanding an idea I think this is!  If you wanted a setting for Rogue Space, this is a fantastic place to start and better yet, he plans on weekly Star Drive Saturday's to keep building on to the setting.  Visit, download, and start following MJ's Fairly Unkempt blog now!

Mission Transmission: Ruin

Image by Alex Ruiz

The players each receive a message or offer from a friend informing them of some easy money to be made by a skittish corporation.  They are to arrive at The Sasaku hotel promptly ay 8pm and request entry to the Koi room.

The Mission:
The players are offered contract employ by the Nakamura Corporation to investigate alien ruins near a recently landed planetary probe.  The NC would like players to do the scouting, mapping, and recon prior to the company investing any further assets. There is no loss of face or company pride if mercenaries do the initial work compared to failure by company people. A map showing the probe landing and ruins is provided.  Transport will be arranged if the players do not have a ship.  They have 96 hours to determine if the locations is safe or if anything of interest or danger may still be at the site.

 Roll 1d6 or pick
1) The players discover an abandoned NC scout ship on site and their own transport is gone.  Why did the NC rep lie? The players discover the previous explorers are no longer human...

2) The ruins appear abandoned but it is an illusion of a superior race studying humanity--the players are considered lab rats.

3) The ruins are ruins for humanoids, but the alien A.I. which resides underground has manufactured insect like robots which it is seeding the galaxy with in attempts to spread its influence and knowledge.

4) The site is a former outpost for a hostile alien race which succumbed to a plague...but many of its soldiers are in cryosleep underground.  Now that the plague has died out, if awoken a new threat will spawn in the galaxy.

5) The former builders have become psionic beings and will attempt to take over the players using them as vehicles to drive their race off planet and back amongst the stars.

6) The NC representative is actually a cultist and seeks to use the characters as a sacrifice in the old ruins of the alien temple.  Once the blood price is paid, a new consecrated temple can be built and the old gods can be awakened once more.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


...signal is clear...

Rogue Transmissions 1 is now ready for download!

It's formatted to print as a booklet, so pick booklet printing as your option when printing the PDF!


It is their contributions that make this first set of transmissions not to be missed!

Don't just read about it, be about it! Contribute to the second Rogue Transmissions by emailing your material to:

 ...transmission ends...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pioneers on the Dark Frontier

Rogue Transmissions 1 will feature the work from Hereticwerks and Porky's Expanse along with a wee bit from me your humble guide to The Dark Frontier.  I am finding the more I push out Rogue Transmissions waiting for the time to make it what I want, the less time I have to do so.

Frankly the stuff is too good to continue to delay, so Rogue Transmission 1 will come out this weekend as a free downloadable PDF.  Will it be pretty and perfect? NO!  Will it be full functional and filled with other folks genius to inspire you and add to your fun with Rogue Space?  Abso-fraking-lutely!

Also another pair of Dark Frontier pioneers, M. Jared Swenson and his artistic brother Jarom Swenson will be releasing the completed MECH rules for Rogue Space today! I have watched the development and much like Porky's vehicle rules, the Mech rules adhere to the primary design principle of Rogue Space: make it simple! I am really looking forward to the rules and hope MJ wants to contribute them to Rogue Transmissions 2!

It's MJ's 30th birthday today and it looks like we get the gift! Stop by and check out his rules download and wish him many happy returns!

Rogue Space Black edition update
Also my wife is hard at work at more illustrations for the RS Black edition booklet. Thanks for voting on covers! My wife refuses to look at the poll results until the end and that's fine because I need her focused on more cool illustrations for the black edition booklet!

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Review

Well MJ took a break from making kick ass MECH rules for Rogue Space--and wrote a review!

So head over and read his take on the rules good bad and otherwise.

Also he plans to make the MECH rules booklet available shortly, so its a good time to begin following his blog and picking up some more great material for your own Rogue Space Game.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Below are the proposed covers my wife cranked out for the Rogue Space Little black book edition.  Vote and let me know what you like!! (Note, my wife cranked these out very quickly so they are not final images.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking for adventure?

Occult Moon produces "sandbox toys' for use in fantasy and now Sci-Fi games.  For $1.99 you can download 3 page adventures settings perfect for mashing into Rogue Space.  The adventures are "generic" so it is easy to convert the NPC's and other information into Rogue Space format.

Their Sci-Fi series is called Captain's Logs and here is the flavor text for the latest issue#3

The abandoned mining colony on Elkos IV has been ignored for years. Now, however, two ships have vanished in the Elkos system and there are rumors of riches under the coat of ice that cloaks the dead world. Could there be something to those rumors? Or is it simply the activities of the notorious pirate known only as Luraya? The crew are not the only ones looking for the missing ships…and the truth.

The third issue of Captain’s Logs from the Sandbox takes the crew to the dead, ice-bound world of Elkos IV. This world will not give up its secrets lightly, but those secrets might be worth more than gold and riches. Face six mission complications, each with three twists, five NPCs, a table of space travel hazards, and a table of planetary hazards. Suitable for any space opera science fiction RPG.

You can buy and download their works from RPGNOW. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MORE mech madness

M.J. has posted even more of his work for rules adding Mechs into the Rogue Space game!  Just as cool are the Jarom's first sketches of mechs to support the rules!  I am excited to see this come together!

I really dig all the work from Porky adding a 40k spin and vehicle rules, Hereticwerks adding strange invaders, creatures, and even more unique content, Mik making a Mass Effect setting and rules, and M.J. droping mechs into the middle of it all.  This is exactly the kind of response I hoped for and am just blown away seeing all of these great ideas come to life!

These and other fellow gamers are adding more depth, range, and greatness into the Rogue Space game!  They prove anything is possible on the Dark Frontier, and I am thankful for their support and sharing their genius!  If you are doing anything creative with RS rules, drop me aline I'd love to add your blog and ideas for more people to enjoy!

It came from Hereticwerks!

Hereticwerks have been long supporters of Rogue Space and its Dark Frotnier ideas for game play!  They have now created an index of all their great additions to Rogue Space that I can HIGHLY recommend you check out and start downloading!  Lots of great ideas, cool critters, and unique additions to The Dark Frontier!

What's better? They have more to COME! Personally I can't wait as many of their additions made it into our home game and there is NOTHING better than surprising players with unique and alien encounters!  You never know what may show up on the Dark Frontier!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rogue Space MECHS

Click the Mech to check out M.J.'s work as it comes together

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rogue Space PDF Ebook and Mech Rules!

Well I hope this will satisfy EBook and PDF users as Rogue Space is now available in PDF on Lulu.  They claim The transfer from PDF works well on ebooks, and it does work just fine on my iPad so I certainly hope it does for you!  Price is $7 and it is available for purchase right now!

Work on the Black Edition is humming along although my wife is visiting family this weekend, but I should have all text done! Then I just need her wonderful there could be a few weeks before the Black Edition is ready to roll.  In the meantime, you can still visit the The Dark Frontier immediately!  Click the link to get the PDF now!

Also I'd like to give a big SHOUT FROM THE VOID to MJ. Swenson!  Why? Because he is adding MECH RULES into Rogue Space!!  Man this is incredible!!  Check out his work and get inspired--I know I have!!

The little sci-fi rules set that could just keeps getting better because of great ideas from creative folks I may never meet.  Just know you have my thanks and appreciation for making something simple more fun and more expansive than I thought possible.  You prove there are no boundaries to the Dark Frontier... 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MERS update

Mik just posted a nice update for his MERS (Mass Effect Rogue Space) game.  This project is Mik using Rogue Space to facilitate a Mass Effect role playing game, and I have to say it rocks!  I was curious to see how he would use biotics...and it worked out great!  Check it out!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Darker Edition

I think the current Rogue Space rules set is good, but I think the pulp art and setting gives the game a different "feel" then I originally intended.

Reviews have noted that my lovely wife's art work rocks the camels ass...and the other stuff should go.  We both appreciate that kind compliment!

An ebook version would probably be a good thing and a smaller digest sized book would probably be a better format.

Well I suppose I am just not able to leave a good job done when doing a great job is my goal. So I am announcing a Rogue Space Black edition.  This edition will be:

1) Published in digest sized format
2) Made available in ebook format
3) Illustrated solely by my wife
4) Will include optional rules for a more detailed space ship damage/repair rules adapted from Far trek (which were adapted from Where no Man has gone before 2.0)
5) Will include the adventure Obake 
6) Will NOT include the sample setting nor the sample adventure in the current rules book

There are NO rules changes whatsoever in this edition.  The additional and optional damage/ repair rules in this book will be given away FREE in a pocket mod format download.  The adventure OBAKE will be exclusive to this edition and will not be published elsewhere.

The original edition will remain an at cost purchase.  The Black and Ebook versions will be for profit.  If you own the original rules there will be no need to purchase the Black edition, Again the changes will be largely cosmetic, the "new rules" will be given away free, so the only real addition is one adventure at the expense of the setting and adventure in the current manual.

We are also mulling over selling specialty dice and have t-shirts up on Zazzle featuring my wife's artwork?  Those are TBD...

I appreciate greatly all those who bought the game and gave it a go, so I am not cheating the folks who bought the game already.  By leaving the original manual still available and at production cost, I am staying true to my original vision and intentions.  As there is additional work from my wife and I going into the Black edition, we are going to charge extra for it. 

Thanks again for your support and for exploring The Dark Frontier.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mik (Of Mik's Minis Blog Fame) is beginning to lock and load his Mass Effect Rogue Space (MERS) conversion.  Check out his blog and work here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the horizon

I have really appreciated the reviews, but am a bit concerned that some folks only see it as a "pulp" style game. 

Now that being said, I am glad to see Mik spin it into Mass Effect (can't wait to see rules his write up!) and Hereticwerks takes it into all sort of cool different realms, and Porky has given it a good 40k-esque spin too.   That gives me hope!

To that end I will post an adventure I have run using Rogue Space. Its kind of a window into how I run adventures and the style of game I use Rogue Space for in general.  From a referee's perspective, it's going to take work.  I I have outlines of the big stuff, but leave things open for the players do what they like.  It's a sandbox of sorts...but with a specific goal...and the players get to decide how to achieve it.  So the referee has to be on his toes and do some fast thinking as it encourages the players to "figure it out" and the referee has to react and be ready for crazy stuff players may decide to do.

I plan on posting it (for free) as a download this weekend, the adventure is called Obake.

Second, I posted a survey on whether or not to make an ebook version of he rules for sale.  It would retail for  $7 if I did it, so vote and let me know.

Rogue Transmissions #1 is shaping up.  Articles and Art from Hereticwerks, Porky's expanse, and yours truly will be in the first issue.  hopefully their will be a second, but your support will determine that!

Rilligong Invaders


Straight out of Hereticwerks comes a new invasion into Rogue Space....the Rilligong!

Check out their stats, story and PAPER MINIS for free over at Hereticwerks!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rogue Space, meet Mass Effect!

While I wait for a break in the crazy work/life grind and have a chance to get focused on Rogue Space again, that does not mean some great Rogue Space isn't happening elsewhere!

Mik was kind enough to look at Rogue Space on his blog, and I think its worth your time to check it out.

It was damn nice of him to review it AND podcast a play of it!  I really appreciate his review and constructive criticisms greatly.  It's good to know where I can make things better! My wife loved the use of her art for the review image! Thanks' Mik! Rocket on over and check out Mik's thoughts on the game yourself.


And listen to his use of Rogue Space as the engine for a Mass Effect adventure!
Podcast review

Sometimes this creative experience is really like being trapped in a capsule and unsure of what your end results will really be, so I appreciate the feedback greatly.  My wife and I both appreciate your support!  There is more good stuff to come fellow Rogue Spacers, i just need to get some free time to myself to work on Rogue Transmissions!!  Thanks for playing and your patience!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Donations and updates

Hello fellow Rogue Spacers.  Well April has turned into a chaotic time as expected, and thus I do not have a lot of time to pursue Rogue Space.  I do have materials that were submitted and it will comprise Rogue Transmissions #1, and I hope to have it available in late May or early June.  In addition the Rogue Space Skirmish rules will be added and I hope to include an adventure as well.

My wife has more art she is working on for the first issue as well, so no worries about it coming out, just taking longer than I would like.

After discussing it, we agreed to use the total $85 kindly donated for Rogue Space to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Thanks very much for your kind support, and I am happy to say it is going to further do even more good.

Purchases and donations have stalled, but hopefully when Rogue Transmissions 1 releases, both may pick up again.

Thanks for your patience, and your support!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Star Blazers...NEXT

Holy mother of all that is star-rific!  Apparently they are remaking Star Blazers (the original series) as Star Blazers 2199!

 It feels shiny and new...while still feeling just like the original!  I normally hate remakes...but wow does this blow my sox off!  Watch the 10 minute preview below and start humming that theme song baby!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Under Pressue

Sorry for the silence, but  have been very very busy right now and I have had little time to focus on game design and production.   I hope to have some time this weekend to get a sector published for you to explore in a sandbox style.

Thanks for your patience and your support!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Updates from Beyond

Just a quick note of thanks to all of the donors, I am looking forward to using the donations at the end of March to

1) Donate 20% to Wounded Warriors Project
2) Buy Mrs B some flowers for all her hard work illustrating Rogue Space...she has more great stuff coming for upcoming issues of the Rogue Transmissions magazine.

Also we will be putting some of her Rogue Space work on some items you can buy. Sure I know my wife and I will be the only buyers, but hey--their could be a long lost cousin out there who wants a mug or mouse pad too.

I am working on two full sector setting samples for Rogue Space and have 2 in mind.  One was is a "darker" frontier setting the promised Nightfall sector, and the second is inspired by the Planet Hulk comic series.  To a certain extent I do regret not including a sample sector  in the full rules book--but I figured it was less essential than a possible setting/adventure combo.

Anyway, work on issue 1 of Rogue Transmissions will start shortly and I should have issue 1 ready in May.  Thanks to the good and talented folks who are donating their creativity and time to issue 1 I think it will be a terrific and varied first transmission.

Thanks again for giving the game a try and I hope you'll be inspired to share of some of your inspirations with the rest of us in Rogue Space.  Check out Sean's Freak Debris for some really interesting NPC's and the first sector write up I have seen so far!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Rogue Space Review

The first full review of the Rogue Space manual is now posted by Chris Jackson at his blog  A Susurrus In Carcosa.

All in all a very honest and fair review.  Many of the critiques ring true, for example, I probably should have better highlighted the initiative rule of 2d6+current HP.

Additionally, perhaps a 6x9 edition with much less art would better serve my goal to make a more generic "make of it what you will" space game.  I very much appreciate the time, energy and feedback that went into the review and appreciate the constructive criticism.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Origin: Unknown
Size: Varies greatly
Shapes reported: spherical, tubular, trapezoidal, ringed.
Sentient: Unknown
Number: Unknown

For as long as man has explored the Dark Frontier, PredaStar's have been reported.  These massive formations seem to feed on  a star or planet at random and continue their journey through space.  Wreathed in cloaks and tendril of dark matter, an actual physical structure resides within.   Sonic probes have reported a massive physical structure within, but no race claims ownership.  The PredaStars do change direction and seem to be either intelligent or under intelligent control.  All attempts at communication in known languages and mathematics have failed.

Our best known and most widely available image is one of the last transmissions from the scientific explorer Latka.  It's captain Heinz Moktah reported strange transmission from the mass and was closing to try and get a better signal before their transmissions were lost.

Quick...and embarrassing update: the character sheets in the back of the printed book were a test one from waaay back in the design and I'll never know how exactly I managed to stick them in the final copy!  CRAP!  Anyway v2 is up as the purchase book now, so the few who bought v1 with the wonky character sheets-I am sorry.  Character sheets are free downloads...and they are correct! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What to make of Rogue Space?

I think one of the best tells to see if your ideas have, at least in someway, hit their mark is by seeing how others interpret them.  Rogue Space, for good and ill, is meant to be a launch pad for your own game.  I prefer, and play it myself, as military sci-fi ala Starship Troopers or Aliens.  Yet it lends itself to pulp sci-fi or really any other kind of game you'd like to play.  If you look at the work done by fellow bloggers you will see some of the wide range possibilities and hopefully be inspired as well.

With that in mind, I was pointed to a recent look at Rogue Space by Chris Jackson on the A Susurrus In Carcosa blog. It is a very well thought out look at the basics of the game (from the sample) and to me most importantly, it looks at what could be done with the rules.  He suggests many changes, things he likes and doesn't like as well how he would make it all work.  That's all good in my book and as far as I am concerned-mission accomplished.  Things are kept basic for a reason and while Warrior and Rogue may not fit a "sci-fi" genre in some folks mind, they do fit as an archetype descriptor--but could easily be changed to Scoundrel and Military or Astronaut or Gold shirt, Red shirt, Blue shirt or whatever fits your game.  I built the launch pad-but what the ship looks like when you leave is up to you!

As work begins on the first issue of Rogue Transmission I hope between generous contributions from some very talented people and my own work, Rogue Space will continue to expand and explore many different possibilities.

One additional note, Chris Jackson appears to have an older Rogue Space sample he is reviewing.  At one time weapon damage and armor were fixed values, but the rules are now random for both doing damage and armor protection.  See the sample download for specifics.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good luck and Godspeed!

We have lift-off!

You can now order your own copy of the Rogue Space RPG by clicking the cover image to your right!  That's right for a platy $7.10 you can buy your very own complete copy of the Rogue Space RPG.  Use the promo code LASSO and get an extra 15% off!  That is a crazy bargain!  Considering most 64pg books go for $20, it is a steal!    Not sure about purchasing? Well click the download icon to your right and try out the 8 page sample rules set--for free!

Now here comes the hard sell.  I make nothing from sales of the book--not one penny.  Instead, I'd ask you to buy the book, give it a spin, and if you feel you want to see more--then please donate to the Rogue Space Program.

Your donations will determine if we keep exploring the vast outer reaches of The Dark Frontier, or if we scrub the program.

Next for Rogue Space is the first quarterly magazine--and possibly the only one---Rogue Transmissions.  I have received some outstanding contributions already for issue 1 and will include a more fleshed out Rogue Space Skirmish miniatures rules set in the first issue.

You can see the blog roll to your right, and these fellow stalwarts of the blogosphere have had a big hand in shaping and bringing Rogue Space to you.  Space may be a vacuum, but I can assure you cyberspace is very much alive.  My thanks go out to you (you know who you are!) and I look forward to exploring more of The Dark Frontier in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.  


Now in orbit

The test print books arrived and after a few changes I will have the final files done and Rogue Space will launch tomorrow.  The book will be available for purchase at production cost on and I will provide a link on this site.

In addition the donation option will also go up as will the option to purchase branded Rogue Space items.  All in all, I am looking forward to seeing if the Rogue Space Project gains enough support to move forward, or see if it dies a quiet death in the dark frontier.  The Sample pocket rules have been updated as has the Starscope.  The sector Map will be up shortly as well. 

Countdown has begun....

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is ground control to Major Tom...

...couldn't resist a Bowie/Space Oddity reference. 

 Quick update, print tests due in Friday, final edits this weekend so I expect to have Rogue Space up for sale (at cost) this Sunday!  I owe some fine folks (you know who you are) who made this game possible.  So I will be emailing you this weekend for your address so I can send you your copies of the final game book!

Thanks for your patience and as always, thanks for your support.  Hope you will enjoy the game!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rogue Space probe launched

Game Design......Complete
Art work...............Complete

 ..............Go for launch of Rogue Space probes........... 

Print test books on their way

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Dark Frontier

It's the subtitle for Rogue Space and I think it fits and gives the the idea of space, exploration and the unknown.   Edit complete, my wife's art contribution are complete...layout commencing.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneaky Peeky

Well my wife is giving shape to my mad visions and I guess the editing delays are good in that they are allowing her to continue to create some kick-ass art. (yes I am very prejudiced, it's my wife!)

The editing is really almost done and the layout is this weekend, and then straight to the dark side of the moon! We will have lift off my friends!  Thanks again for all your patience and support, I sure hope you will think it is as worthwhile as I do!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Monkeying Around

Well after a loooooooooooooooong week on the road I am finally home.  My wife has cranked out quite a bit of wicked great art and I have the final edit and layout to finish this weekend.

Once complete test books will be printed.

Final reviews done.

Then it goes up for sale at cost.

Again I hope the Rogue Space Program donation idea works, but that is out of my hands...and in yours.

Fear not fellow Rogues, the destination is in sight, stay on target...we are almost there!