Saturday, July 9, 2011

UPDATE Rogue Space d20? and KBB?

No not quite, but Rogue Space polyhedral is a closer to standard RPG presentation.  It uses your standard RPG dice and more standard (expected) attributes. I learned two things when knocking out the polyhedral dice version of Rogue Space.  First, its pretty easy to have the system use multiple dice and a more "standard" attribute system.  Second, it will require going back and updating the other supplements IF this version is the one most wanted.  Not a hard task by any means, just time consuming.

So what's changed? Glad you asked:

Attributes are now Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Endurance and Empathy.
Added one new Psionic power
Change charts and instructions to reflect use of standard RPG dice set.

I have set up yet another poll that will run for the next two weeks.  This also handily coincides with the next couple weeks of business travel when I will have less time to follow my bliss as it were.

The Rogue Space Poly edition is available for download as is a new set of Poly edition character sheets.  Vote because the winning rules set could change everything...

Second I just completed this morning in a fury of inspiration a ship's catalog to add even more to the RS galaxy of products.  I loved the old Uncle Al's catalogs when I played Car Wars, and I tried to add a bit of that flavor into Kriva's Black Book.

You get a stat write up on the class of ship, a specific ship example, and a little flavor text around that specific ship.  The flavor text can give you adventure ideas, or NPC's to use in your Rogue Space setting or adventures.

  So while you are downloading the Polyhedral Pocket Rogue Space rules set, here is another source book to try!  The galaxy has no bounds and neither apparently does my Rogue Space inspiration.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rogue Space Polyhedral edition

I am going to unleash another Rogue Space experimental rules set prior to cracking on with Simian Stars.  I have thought quite a bit about adding more from my fantasy game Roguish (they much delayed version) into Rogue Space.  While I prefer D6 gaming myself, I know a lot of people really like rolling various polyhedral dice when they game.  For them that represents true gaming.    So I think I found away to satisfy us both.  The core rules books change (in what dice are used for what) but everything else in any supplement remains UNCHANGED.  So I could write an adventure or supplement and you could use it regardless of polyhedral or d6 edition rules you were playing with.

I will drop the polyhedral edition this weekend for your review.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Blue Priests of Pluto

The first adventure setting for Rogue Space is released!  I think Rogue Space is flexible enough to support just about any kind of Sci-Fi setting, so to prove it here is a pulp like setting.

Also included is a random NPA creator page so even if you don't like the pulpy setting, this could help you create your own NPA's for Rogue Space.

Simian Stars, a full alien brief for use in Rogue Space, is my next project. 

Give the Blue Priests it a download and let me know what you think.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simian Stars: Explorer Class Ship Zira

Name: Zira  

Class: Explorer

Speed 1-3

Percent Section Detailed  Data    
20% Shields (5) L (5) M

10% Howitzers (5) Lasers  

40% Interior (5) Bridge (5) Cargo (5) Sci Lab (5) Med Lab
30% Propulsion (5) Eng (5) Eng (5) Eng  
100% Structure 50