Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Rogue Space Review

The first full review of the Rogue Space manual is now posted by Chris Jackson at his blog  A Susurrus In Carcosa.

All in all a very honest and fair review.  Many of the critiques ring true, for example, I probably should have better highlighted the initiative rule of 2d6+current HP.

Additionally, perhaps a 6x9 edition with much less art would better serve my goal to make a more generic "make of it what you will" space game.  I very much appreciate the time, energy and feedback that went into the review and appreciate the constructive criticism.


  1. Hey! He noticed a lack of grammar and spelling errors! Woot! :)

  2. Well done and thanks again Marc!! Clearly all of your toil has paid off handsomely!

  3. Just got my copy, and digging into it. Looks great thus far ....except for the lack of damned dirty apes (simian stars ruled).

  4. Dontation sent, and thanks again! if nothing else, your use of the lego skeleton in a spacesuit was worth supporting right there. I've been using Minifigs for rpgs (grownup and my kids) for years. I think RS may be the go to game for a more detailed spaceman game that my rules (1 page).

  5. ADG...thanks very much for your support and your generous donation! I will have to update the total when I am back in town.

    I have more stuff coming like the Simian Stars, but I wanted the rule book to be sort wide open to "lego building" of your own. I plan on the Rogue Transmissions magazine to add a lot more alien races and sectors which you can use or not as you choose. I have a lot of astro skeletons at my desk inspiration of course!