Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rogue Transmission #2...RECEIVED!

Faster then the Dark edition of the rules, Rogue Transmission #2 is ready to be received.  It is a fantastic issue and I am really grateful to this issues contributors!  An new contributor, Tanner Yea makes his debut, Porky adds in all sorts of random tables, and M. Jarred, with art from his brother Jarom, expand the mech rules for Rogue Space into an incredible full blown rules article! In fact they all contributed so much, I just saved my own stuff like cybernetics for a future transmission!  

Get it while the signal to noise ratio is still clear!


  1. Awesome stuff man. I want to thank you for featuring my article. I will continue to do MECHS articles with each Rogue Transmission, but they definitely won't be as long.

  2. Thanks for making the Rogue Space that much more exciting and interesting MJ! I really appreciate your support!

  3. Another excellent issue! More Mechs sounds great. We have some tables and stuff for the next one...

    1. It was a really interesting issue, and I am looking forward to more contributions from Hereticwerks! I don't mind leaving my stuff out when the submissions are so good!