Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Century Mark

I have waited to post something because it is post #100 here at Rogue Space. It needed to be something special and I thought it was going to be about the Dark edition rules book...but let me tell you...THIS is special and well worth post 100 status!

Hereticwerks has published an OUTSTANDING FREE ADVENTURE for Rogue Space!  Yes it is rock your astro-sox awesome...but it gets better...

The adventure is the gateway to their forthcoming LITHUS SECTOR for Rogue Space! Yes an entire built from the ground up sector to explore...and maybe survive...

Get over there and start following their lead up to Lithus now, and run the adventure--I am this weekend!

I  want very much in post #100 to say thank you to my fellow bloggers supporting Rogue Space.  Your creativity and talent in exploring and expanding the Dark Frontier is nothing short of amazing. I am thankful for your work and inspiration!  You make this game more fun!

MOST of all I want to thank you the player, for taking a chance on a simple but flexible little sci-fi game. I am grateful for your time, attention, and most of all your support. 


  1. @Whitney thanks a lot for the support!

  2. Very cool, here's to the next 100 posts! Great news on Lithus too!