Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Updates from Beyond

Just a quick note of thanks to all of the donors, I am looking forward to using the donations at the end of March to

1) Donate 20% to Wounded Warriors Project
2) Buy Mrs B some flowers for all her hard work illustrating Rogue Space...she has more great stuff coming for upcoming issues of the Rogue Transmissions magazine.

Also we will be putting some of her Rogue Space work on some items you can buy. Sure I know my wife and I will be the only buyers, but hey--their could be a long lost cousin out there who wants a mug or mouse pad too.

I am working on two full sector setting samples for Rogue Space and have 2 in mind.  One was is a "darker" frontier setting the promised Nightfall sector, and the second is inspired by the Planet Hulk comic series.  To a certain extent I do regret not including a sample sector  in the full rules book--but I figured it was less essential than a possible setting/adventure combo.

Anyway, work on issue 1 of Rogue Transmissions will start shortly and I should have issue 1 ready in May.  Thanks to the good and talented folks who are donating their creativity and time to issue 1 I think it will be a terrific and varied first transmission.

Thanks again for giving the game a try and I hope you'll be inspired to share of some of your inspirations with the rest of us in Rogue Space.  Check out Sean's Freak Debris for some really interesting NPC's and the first sector write up I have seen so far!


  1. Just placed my rulebook copy this morning, looking forward to it. I should have a proper review up at Mik's Minis soon after I get it and maybe even get some actual play in on the Minions of the Monster Master podcast shortly after that!

  2. Hey Mik, thanks for giving it a go and I hope you like it. Tere is a lot more stuff to come out in the Rogue Transmissions magazine. Looking forward to you review and I will add links to your site.