Sunday, July 8, 2012


...signal is clear...

Rogue Transmissions 1 is now ready for download!

It's formatted to print as a booklet, so pick booklet printing as your option when printing the PDF!


It is their contributions that make this first set of transmissions not to be missed!

Don't just read about it, be about it! Contribute to the second Rogue Transmissions by emailing your material to:

 ...transmission ends...


  1. Awesome! It's all the porky and hereticworks stuff crammed into a book. I'm getting this printed and spiral bound.

    In the meantime I'll start formatting the MECHS rules to they can be added to the next Rogue Transmissions.

  2. Very pleased about this... as I sit down to watch "Planet of Vampires" for the 5th time in 3 days.

  3. @MJ--Yes both sites submitted articles and in Hereticwerks case, there is even more to be included in the second transmission! Hopefully Porky will create some interesting new stuff too! Really looking forward to adding your MECH rules into transmission 2 as well as some art from Jarom if he is interested in submitting.

    @JT-Man that movie is a classic! Perfect fodder for the Dark Frontier!

  4. It looks good to me too. Well done and thanks for putting it together. It's a wonderful mix and very inspiring, and of the newer material, the Bequest and your mission ideas especially open some very interesting doors. It's also a lot of material, much more than I expected. Rogue Space is really growing. I do have some ideas for the next issue and if I pull them together in time, I'd be more than happy to have them go in as well.

  5. Thanks Porky very much for your contributions and continued support! I look forward to seeing what you contribute to transmission #2! I really like to keep the content varied to show what is possible and to insure every issue has something of value to players and referees alike.

    Thanks again for your support!

  6. I've added this to the zine list!

  7. @mw--cool thanks for the mention on your zine list!

  8. Thanks for assembling this 'Zine, it looks decent and we really enjoyed Porky's revised Vehicle rules (plus Fiction) and the Missions--very good stuff! We're working on fresh new things just for next issue. It'd be cool to have a few new Mechs running around. What kind of Mechs would work best on a (mostly) Water-world like Lithus?

  9. Oh--just to be clear: We aren't doing any Mechs, we were hoping that Jared & Jarom might have some ideas on the subject...

  10. Oh hey I haven't checked this back in a bit. Sorry about that. If it's ok with Christopher, i would like to do a small rules supplement with each issue of Rogue Transmissions. I have a lot to do, including mech space combat, atmospheric combat, and even underwater. Different scales and tech levels.

  11. @GJ-Thanks very much for your feedback and especially for your continued contributions! Can't wait to explore your upcoming expansion of the dark frontier...

    @MJ-Sounds great to me! Showing the flexibility of the rules is key to what I tried to design with a simple base game so that would be fantastic!