Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Transmission #2

Hello fellow Rogues!  This is a deadline announcement for submitting materials for Rogue Transmissions #2!  I'd like to put this out in later September so Please have all submissions to me by 8/31/2012!  Open office document or MS Word works fine. 

Please Email submissions to

Make sure to include your name (pen name or real) as well as your blog site address so I can point people to more of your great work!


  1. Im pretty much done with mine. I just wanted a playtest a couple things one last time before i submitted them. We have a came planned on the 30th so you will be getting it by the 31st guaranteed.

  2. EXCELLENT! Looking forward to it!

  3. I have an alternate currency system if you're interested

    1. Hi Sam absolutely I ma interested. The more ideas or options for players and referees to consider, the better! That's what Rogue Transmissions is all about!