Sunday, December 16, 2012


As I work on the Dark edition of Rogue Space I am considering a substantial change.  The overall game remains the same, but I am considering changing NPC/creature building rules.  I think it will make the game even better.  But I hear you ask, "Is such a thing even possible? YES IT IS!"  :)

When I created the full edition of Zombies Attack (my zombie survival game, you have downloaded and played it right? I mean its an off shoot of Rogue Space game design so don't fear the dead) I came up with a simple mechanic for NPC's.  Instead of being fully created with all attributes, only certain critical attributes were listed with a bonus.

This gives the referee an idea of focus for the foe in question and in play where/how the npc will act. The more attributes listed, the more dynamic, and potentially deadly, the foe. If an attribute is not listed? You can still use it, but there is no bonus for the creature/NPC using that attribute. Simple clean and it does not require a wonky sub-system to make them work. Notes on damage, size, etc are still used/useful but the base game mechanics are more streamlined and fluid.

Before I go mucking about and potentially "fixing" something you do not believe is broken, please let me know what you think.  Time is short as all the art work is complete and the text is being redone.  I think rather than adding an adventure I may add a section on bionics and mutations. Those might be fun and more inspiring.  As always your feedback (even the meh for my other efforts) is welcome.


  1. Your NPC system in the original book could use some work, but i wouldn't say it needs an overhaul. The 2 basic npc stats work well for it.

  2. I prefer the focus that ZA-style critical attribute gives so I would welcome the change. Bionics and mutations would be a welcome addition but my preference is not to make them too gonzo.

  3. I'd welcome a more streamlined NPC system, particularly where the aliens are concerned, not that we haven't been having fun with the system as is (I have bought the hard copy and the pdf), but as the GM I welcome anything to reduce prep time and increase smoother play. Just my two cents.