Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mission Transmission: Ruin

Image by Alex Ruiz

The players each receive a message or offer from a friend informing them of some easy money to be made by a skittish corporation.  They are to arrive at The Sasaku hotel promptly ay 8pm and request entry to the Koi room.

The Mission:
The players are offered contract employ by the Nakamura Corporation to investigate alien ruins near a recently landed planetary probe.  The NC would like players to do the scouting, mapping, and recon prior to the company investing any further assets. There is no loss of face or company pride if mercenaries do the initial work compared to failure by company people. A map showing the probe landing and ruins is provided.  Transport will be arranged if the players do not have a ship.  They have 96 hours to determine if the locations is safe or if anything of interest or danger may still be at the site.

 Roll 1d6 or pick
1) The players discover an abandoned NC scout ship on site and their own transport is gone.  Why did the NC rep lie? The players discover the previous explorers are no longer human...

2) The ruins appear abandoned but it is an illusion of a superior race studying humanity--the players are considered lab rats.

3) The ruins are ruins for humanoids, but the alien A.I. which resides underground has manufactured insect like robots which it is seeding the galaxy with in attempts to spread its influence and knowledge.

4) The site is a former outpost for a hostile alien race which succumbed to a plague...but many of its soldiers are in cryosleep underground.  Now that the plague has died out, if awoken a new threat will spawn in the galaxy.

5) The former builders have become psionic beings and will attempt to take over the players using them as vehicles to drive their race off planet and back amongst the stars.

6) The NC representative is actually a cultist and seeks to use the characters as a sacrifice in the old ruins of the alien temple.  Once the blood price is paid, a new consecrated temple can be built and the old gods can be awakened once more.

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