Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creature update

For those endeavoring to create creatures for Rogue Space, below is the format from the complete rules book--which should come out soon...

Broadly defined, aliens represent non-human paradigm entities. Aliens are classified by behaviors and relative expected reaction. This is summarized by the acronym H.A.I.K.U. representing-Humanoid, Animal, Insect, Known, Unknown
  • Humanoid: They look similar to humans with minor differences in skin color, antenna, forehead ridges, pointed ears and such, but in general react and act like humans.
  • Animals: They react like animals on earth, concerned with the basics of life: lizards, horses and bears.
  • Insect: They are hive based with specialized breeding/build patterns to create specific job based offspring: bees, ants, xenomorphs, robots and androids.
  • Known: They are kind of a catch all for a behavior pattern that is somewhat known but different and thus far unclassified: like a giant space Amoeba. You know it’s an amoeba, but it's flying in space somehow so who knows what it will do.
  • Unknown: They would be like Ancient Aliens, terrors form the void, and things man was not meant to know. We have no idea how they function, how they will react nor why. It’s a complete mystery.

Creature Sizes
These sizes are all in relation to human or humanoid perceptions. They are categorized broadly in order to give you the most leeway in defining your own aliens. Sizes are defined by the acronym T.S.A.R.Z.
  • Tiny 1 foot or smaller
  • Small 2 to 4 feet
  • Average 5 to 7 feet
  • Really big 8 feet or larger
  • ZOMG! Something so gigantic or strange it boggles the mind

Non-Player Aliens (NPA’s)
Non-playable aliens are those types which act as a potential challenge or challenger to the characters in Rogue Space They will be defined by categories: Type, Size, Movement, Physical, Mental, Armor, Damage, Hit Points and Special.

P (P): this represents the dice roll modifier for all physical based target rolls the creature makes.
T (T): this represents the dice roll modifier for all mental/technical based target rolls the creature make
Type (Tp): Represent which part of H.A.I.K.U. the alien falls under
Size (Sz): Represents how big it is in relation to human point of view
Movement (Mv) How it moves, and how far in a 5 second turn.
Armor (Ar): Refers to its protection from damage
Damage (Dm): Refers to how it attacks what type of damage it will do.
Hit Points (Hp): This is an average of damage the species can sustain
Special (Sp): A catch all for anything unique like laser eyes, fire breath, or Psionics. A “+” denotes something special.

Notes on Alien Categories
Movement will tell you if it walks rolls, slithers, flies, hops, swims, drifts, or some other form of locomotion. The number in parenthesis after the type shows an average distance traveled in a 5 second combat turn.

NPA Example:
Xenomorph (Adult)
P:+2 T:+1 Tp I Sz A Mv Biped (40’) Ar: M Dm: M (claws or bite) Hp: 8 Sp:+
The Xenomorph is an insidious hive-like parasitic race and a deadly predator. While it has no technology base of its own it has spread as various governments, agencies, or smugglers pick up its eggs to trade in military schemes and black market deals. In combat it uses claws or a double set of teeth to attack. Unlike many insects it can be either warrior or worker depending on the hive's need. If near a nest it will not kill an opponent. It will try to knock them out and use it as a host for breeding a new xeno. SPECIAL: The xeno has acid for blood. If hit with a non blunt weapon it does L damage from blood spray to anyone within 5 feet.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rogue Transmissions

Rogue Transmissions is an idea to put out a quarterly journal of cool, innovative, interesting and new stuff supporting Rogue Space RPG. 

What I need is articles from YOU!  Build a whole sector, a whole setting, a planet, NPC's and a ship, add-on new rules or create whole adventures!  Submit art if you like as well, my poor wife will get tired of drawing space cthulhunauts eventually!

YOU remain the rights holder for your work, I just have the right to publish it in the quarterly and in any reprints (such as a yearly annual).  This is a labor of love, so I cannot pay you...and I will only charge production cost for the quarterly. 

Again this will be part of the Rogue Space Program, so if you donate to the program, we'll keep exploring Rogue Space.  No donations, the program ends.

To those who contribute, I will send you a PDF copy of the completed issue you contributed to.  Rogue Transmissions will only be sold as a physical booklet, so your possession of the PDF is a special thank you!  In addition, I will of course call out your blog or site in each issue as the lead into your contribtuion and on a summary contributors page.

So if you have designed some great stuff for Rogue Space, or were thinking about it...now is the the time to explore those ideas and send along your own Rogue Transmissions.

You can submit your articles in MS WORD or Open Office word document to me at Fenway5@frontier.com

Thanks for your support!

Porky in space!

 Porky (Of Porky's Expanse fame) has created a one stop post with links to all of his innovative and cool additions for Rogue Space!  It's definitely worth your time to check  out his cool add-ons and innovations!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hammer time!

I am honored to see a write up for Rogue Space is now up on Paul's Site Troll Hammer. Even better? Paul's created a WEALTH of Rogue Space characters and notes on some solo play he did.  Paul's creativity and ideas are a great addition to Rogue Space, and if you like Tunnels & Trolls, there isn't a better site on the net to get your fix.

I have come up with an iconic character and look for Rogue Space which my wife is working on bringing to life now.  In addition the first logo is complete with two more variant logo designs are to come.  I am waiting on a return of the final edit from Marc, and then layout begins.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Shape of Things to Come

I am finishing up some final edits on the main rules book today, then back to Mr. Marc Pavone for a final eyeball and okay.  Once that is complete I will do layout and make a print test  book.  Once I see all is as it should be, the core rules book goes up for sale.  How much will it be?

It will cost you the production cost of the book with no mark-up what so-ever.  I won't make a dime from sales of the rules book to you. They are, outside of shipping and production cost of the booklet, free. I will not post a PDF of the full rules booklet, nor make one for sale.  Pocket mods of core rules subsystems will remain free to download as they are currently.

Instead of making a profit from rules sales, I am going to ask for you for a donation.   Whatever you think is right or what you value the game at is up to you.  Maybe it's $1, maybe its $1000.  Whatever that amount is, if any, I leave to you to decide. I am designating this as:

The Rogue Space Program

Your support of the program will further the exploration and creation of more Rogue Space materials.  A lack of support means an abandonment of further Rogue Space Exploration.

Beyond just strict donations, my wife is going to create some unique Rogue Space Program logo items which you will be able to purchase.  Proceeds from sales, will support The Rogue Space Program.

Thanks for your patience, I value your participation in The Rogue Space Program and look forward to delivering the rules book to you soon.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Call to Arms

I finished the Rogue Space Skirmish rules for miniatures!  It is available for free download now, in handy pocket mod booklet form. Please note, I'm already at v 1.1 in order to clean up some stray goofs.

Sorry, no vehicles or mortars or strange other worldly beasts are included...yet...but as with all things Rogue Space you never know what might appear when you explore it!

Friday, January 20, 2012

While you wait...

for the rule book edit to finish, I will launch...

A simple, fast playing sci-fi minis game!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mixology complete.

I am happy to say the excellent editing work by Mr. Marc Pavone is complete!  Now begins my part of the editing process, which given Marc's excellent work, should mean the rules book will be out quite soon!

I will finish the edit and then proceed with layout and I hope to have the beta book done this weekend for a final look before a print test.

As you know this will be a printed book edition you can order.  I will also keep the 8pg pocket mods up and free to download.

In the meantime, Hereticwerks has come up with a Green Star Whale you may come across in Rogue Space...and this is only a start. Look at the creativity and options with this creature, its really inspiring. Hereticwerks has many more cool and frankly kick ass plans for expanding Rogue Space in new directions.  Add them to your daily blog reads, you won't be dispaointed!

Thanks for your patience, I hope you will find it worth the wait.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Space is vast

...which means you never know what to expect...nor what you might find.  While editing is ongoing for the Rogue Space RPG, some very talented folks are continuing to produce some fantastic material to support the game right now.  Hereticwerks, Porky's Expanse, and Swords & Stitchery are making lots of great material you can add into your game right now!  Links to their sites are big and bold on this site off to your right!

Also some of the stuff they have planned to expand Rogue Space is truly inspiring, and I can't wait to get my hands on it and start adding it into my own gaming time.  Don't let the temporary lull in new material here stop you from exploring deeper reaches of Rogue Space.  You never now what you might find...

Sunday, January 1, 2012


A few quick updates:

1. The draft edition of Rogue Space Core rules is done and out for editing by Mr. Marc Pavone.  I want to thank Marc personally for undertaking this task and for donating his expertise and skill.  I won't be posting new stuff until the book is done.

2. My lovely wife finished the Rogue Space cover art, and I love it.

3. If you remember (and like) the old Melee/ Wizard games-I knocked together a fantasy RPG inspired by those rules.  You can download it for free on my new Heroes & Other Worlds blog.

Thanks for your time and support in 2011, and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!