Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rogue Space MECHS

Click the Mech to check out M.J.'s work as it comes together

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rogue Space PDF Ebook and Mech Rules!

Well I hope this will satisfy EBook and PDF users as Rogue Space is now available in PDF on Lulu.  They claim The transfer from PDF works well on ebooks, and it does work just fine on my iPad so I certainly hope it does for you!  Price is $7 and it is available for purchase right now!

Work on the Black Edition is humming along although my wife is visiting family this weekend, but I should have all text done! Then I just need her wonderful there could be a few weeks before the Black Edition is ready to roll.  In the meantime, you can still visit the The Dark Frontier immediately!  Click the link to get the PDF now!

Also I'd like to give a big SHOUT FROM THE VOID to MJ. Swenson!  Why? Because he is adding MECH RULES into Rogue Space!!  Man this is incredible!!  Check out his work and get inspired--I know I have!!

The little sci-fi rules set that could just keeps getting better because of great ideas from creative folks I may never meet.  Just know you have my thanks and appreciation for making something simple more fun and more expansive than I thought possible.  You prove there are no boundaries to the Dark Frontier... 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MERS update

Mik just posted a nice update for his MERS (Mass Effect Rogue Space) game.  This project is Mik using Rogue Space to facilitate a Mass Effect role playing game, and I have to say it rocks!  I was curious to see how he would use biotics...and it worked out great!  Check it out!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Darker Edition

I think the current Rogue Space rules set is good, but I think the pulp art and setting gives the game a different "feel" then I originally intended.

Reviews have noted that my lovely wife's art work rocks the camels ass...and the other stuff should go.  We both appreciate that kind compliment!

An ebook version would probably be a good thing and a smaller digest sized book would probably be a better format.

Well I suppose I am just not able to leave a good job done when doing a great job is my goal. So I am announcing a Rogue Space Black edition.  This edition will be:

1) Published in digest sized format
2) Made available in ebook format
3) Illustrated solely by my wife
4) Will include optional rules for a more detailed space ship damage/repair rules adapted from Far trek (which were adapted from Where no Man has gone before 2.0)
5) Will include the adventure Obake 
6) Will NOT include the sample setting nor the sample adventure in the current rules book

There are NO rules changes whatsoever in this edition.  The additional and optional damage/ repair rules in this book will be given away FREE in a pocket mod format download.  The adventure OBAKE will be exclusive to this edition and will not be published elsewhere.

The original edition will remain an at cost purchase.  The Black and Ebook versions will be for profit.  If you own the original rules there will be no need to purchase the Black edition, Again the changes will be largely cosmetic, the "new rules" will be given away free, so the only real addition is one adventure at the expense of the setting and adventure in the current manual.

We are also mulling over selling specialty dice and have t-shirts up on Zazzle featuring my wife's artwork?  Those are TBD...

I appreciate greatly all those who bought the game and gave it a go, so I am not cheating the folks who bought the game already.  By leaving the original manual still available and at production cost, I am staying true to my original vision and intentions.  As there is additional work from my wife and I going into the Black edition, we are going to charge extra for it. 

Thanks again for your support and for exploring The Dark Frontier.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mik (Of Mik's Minis Blog Fame) is beginning to lock and load his Mass Effect Rogue Space (MERS) conversion.  Check out his blog and work here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the horizon

I have really appreciated the reviews, but am a bit concerned that some folks only see it as a "pulp" style game. 

Now that being said, I am glad to see Mik spin it into Mass Effect (can't wait to see rules his write up!) and Hereticwerks takes it into all sort of cool different realms, and Porky has given it a good 40k-esque spin too.   That gives me hope!

To that end I will post an adventure I have run using Rogue Space. Its kind of a window into how I run adventures and the style of game I use Rogue Space for in general.  From a referee's perspective, it's going to take work.  I I have outlines of the big stuff, but leave things open for the players do what they like.  It's a sandbox of sorts...but with a specific goal...and the players get to decide how to achieve it.  So the referee has to be on his toes and do some fast thinking as it encourages the players to "figure it out" and the referee has to react and be ready for crazy stuff players may decide to do.

I plan on posting it (for free) as a download this weekend, the adventure is called Obake.

Second, I posted a survey on whether or not to make an ebook version of he rules for sale.  It would retail for  $7 if I did it, so vote and let me know.

Rogue Transmissions #1 is shaping up.  Articles and Art from Hereticwerks, Porky's expanse, and yours truly will be in the first issue.  hopefully their will be a second, but your support will determine that!

Rilligong Invaders


Straight out of Hereticwerks comes a new invasion into Rogue Space....the Rilligong!

Check out their stats, story and PAPER MINIS for free over at Hereticwerks!