Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rogue Space: NIGHTFALL

Next up for Rogue Space: NIGHTFALL...a reason to be afraid of the dark, because space is very dark indeed.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SIMIAN STARS: Apes invade Rogue Space

Well it may have taken longer than I originally intended, but SIMIAN STARS is ready!  You can find it in the Rogue Space downloads section to your right.

At this point my next goals are two fold for Rogue Space:
1) Create the Nightfall sector
2) Codify and unite all its disparate parts into one little rule book.  Note this will mean an overhaul of some parts of the current materials.

Aliens and Androids will get more simple and streamlined as well the the starship combat section.  In general I will put it all into one book and then launch it.

Enjoy the Apes and let me know if its worth pursuing any further.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

State of Rogue Space

Well Far Trek is finished, and I am nearly complete with Simian Stars as well as my new Zombie Pocket Mod RPG.  I think I owe it to Rogue Space to finish Simian Stars first so I hope to have it done and out this weekend.  The next Rogue Space Supplement after that will be a space sector setting entitled Nightfall.  Kind of a bleak and spooky space area think Cthulhu and vampires, space hulks and that kind of thing...sort of a Bermuda triangle in space.

After doing Far Trek's starship combat I think I may lift the majority of it into Rogue Space.  It's all pretty much the same, but maybe a bit easier and cooler.  TO do that though means I'll end up kind of revamping all of Rogue SPace.

Nope not a re-write or really any major changes, just codifying and combining it all into one book with added weapons, creatures, and maybe an extra race or two.  That is the long range plan, but for now Apes in space is next: SIMIAN STARS!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

FAR TREK...beta rules

It is only in beta release but you can find the PDF for the Far Trek Rules at the link to the right.  Character sheets are also available for you to use on my Sword & Shield blog.

For the weekend, that's all I plan to do as I figured I labored enough here just getting the beta out for you to try and enjoy.

Eventually I will tighten up the loose screws and make a digest version available (at MFG cost-not for profit) for you to purchase if you like.

Your feedback is welcome both good and bad.