Saturday, June 25, 2011

Simian Stars

Here is the first pass cover for the first alien race for Rogue Space.  This will be the next project after the Blue Priests of Pluto.

Stinking Paws or Arachnids in Space?

The Blue Priests of Pluto basic write up is done, now I need to stat up some basic things and clean up the text.  Does it need a map?  My goal was to give you scissors to run with so is a map necessary? Not sure because it's more of a launchpad of ideas for the referee to expand upon, but how much is necessary to make that happen?  Let me know.

After the Blue Priests I am torn between two different splat books:  Ape World or my own "home setting" Ape World should be self explanitory-space faring apes that can be characters Gorillas are Warriors, Orangutans are Rogues and Chimpanzees are Technicians.   If Traveller has the Vargr, then Rogue Space has Damn Dirty APES!

Next is my own setting that I came up with a few years ago when I was working on a simple sci-fi tactical board game.  Humans, bugs, and robots are the three "races" filling and at war in the galaxy.  I won't say much more than that but if you have a preference on what to see next let me know.

Lastly, I am working on additional starships and equipment list.  Some will pop into the supplements but most will be in the Rogue Space booklet.  I think once the next setting is done I'll start work on the compilation booklet.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blue Priests of Pluto

I got a pretty good start on this next supplement for Rogue Space. It will have  brief set up, some npc's, creatures, and an area map along with some adventure ideas, but won't be a module or adventure specifically.  Seems like most people can, and do, like to make their own stuff, they just want a setting or launch pad for ideas.  That is what this will be.

It will not be a hard gritty spacer, more sword and planet, although you could easily adjust it to whatever you prefer.  While I like gritty sci-fi (Aliens, Outland, Semper Mars)  I think Rogue Space can accommodate any kind of play and through a series of splat books I want to show that.  So I'll go where I normally wouldn't first to stretch myself and my ideas.

Also there seems to be not much interest or buzz with each successive release, which is fine because if the system sucks, it sucks.  So I will do another one or two, but if things remain flat-lined then I'll move on and file this endeavor in the history file.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Holy Crap! I know its not like giving birth, but damn is it taxing!  After lots of delays, reworks, play tests, edits, and hair pulling, here are the Rogue Space Starship rules! The Starscope playable map is there as well, full sized for your use. Download them both now over in the Rogue Space Sorties image to your right.

These rules give you all the basics for combat and movement along with defining ships attributes.  Is it the last word on the subject for Rogue Space? Nope.  I think I learned a lesson from Supplement 2 Aliens and Androids by trying to cram too much into 8 pages.  This just feels cleaner and more simple.  I think a Shipyard supplement is a mandatory next.  You can read these rules and see how they would be laid out.  Then the shipbuilding rules will be its own supplement.

One of the biggest "gripes" with the rules may be that weapons do the same damage regardless of ship size they are in.  Yes a structure 10 ship laser does the same damage as a structure size 100 ship laser. I fooled around with 4 different options to try and make it more "logical", but in play, I found out the basic rules worked best!  I am chagrined when you discover the answer all along was, "quit fixing, it was never broken!"

You see, a larger ship has more "hit points" so each of its systems do as well.  Meaning it can sustain a lot more damage and keep weapons firing much longer which in the end gives it the firepower advantage with out modifiers, multipliers and other mathematical bonuses over smaller ships.  Clean, simple, and effective.

Second in RS: Starships, the random rolls for damage in Rogue Space Wander edition (for L, M, V, and X) are used for both weapons and shields!  This made combat quite interesting and fun!

Thanks to the 5 of you who voted, you made the Rogue Space "Wander" edition rules official! It's available to download now in Pocket edition.  Lots for you to download and enjoy so get after it.  I need to hyperspace for awhile....I keep dreaming of the Blue Priests of Pluto....that phrase is stuck in my head and I feel a splat book setting germinating...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Retrofit nearly complete

I have spent the last 2 weeks retrofitting my spaceship rules and It is nearly complete. I think I should have them done and posted this weekend.  That will finish the 3 core sections of Rogue Space!

Assuming the ship book gets finished, next I think I will put together a setting book.  A simple campaign area, some background, a few NPC's, creatures, and ships.

Then I will work on the purchasable booklet edition.  It will contain everything I have put out for free, but will include more psionics, more ships, more aliens, more equipment, and I think will include a universe generator charts.  I'll toss in 2 dice plus the booklet and hand assemble each book.  No idea on cost yet, but that's the long range idea at this point.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Aliens & Androids criticisms

@Gonster offers the following good criticism:
I like the A&A Supplement but I don't love it. I like the basic system and hate to add on more and more rules that you don't really need. My example Xenomorph was possible without any special rulings. Just saying, and I'm just one opinion...

The point you bring is painful only because it IS what stopped from releasing the star ships. The "is this really necessary" rule conundrum had me stymied.  

You are correct, it is easy to stat up as you did with the xenomorph, but I think NPA's (Non-Player Aliens) should be different from players.  Thus they have only 2 attributes Physical and Mental, not all 5.  Perhaps it would be better if choosing the 2 most relevant attributes for that NPA from the 5 already established?  Or maybe you want all 5 for everything?

Secondly descriptive information: Type, Size, Movement, Armor, Damage, Hit points and Special. to me those all seem necessary but I am open to arguments that one or more are not important and should be cut. 

Maybe it is the way it is presented that makes it seem more complex? I thought they were simpler than characters as they have only 2 real catch all attributes instead of 5 like a character.

If you have downloaded A&A (and really why wouldn't you-it's free!) go take a look @Gonster's xeno and compare to the A&A version and let me know which you like more....and why!  My goal is a good playable game, not ego, so if I got it wrong let me known!

I hope in all of this you can see (wandering star edition vs original or Gonster's NPA version versus the book's version) I am listening to your comments to help make a good game.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rogue Space: Aliens & Androids

I am pleased to announce Rogue Space Supplement 2: Aliens and Androids is now available for free download! Please find it in the Rogue Space downloads icon to the right.

In the span of 7 pages I have given the basics for using, creating, and playing Aliens, Androids and creating NPAs (non-player aliens) and robots.  That's a LOT of stuff to cover in a small page count!  I am under no illusion (delusion?) that it is complete as random generation charts would be great, and more pre-defined examples would be useful.  Even so, it is ready and I hope will provide you with inspiration and a lot of flexibility.  Let me know your thoughts, both good and bad.

Rogue Space Wandering Star edition
I have also uploaded a version of the Rogue Space basic rules (RS Wander) that uses a random HP addition, and random damage.  This is similar to the Roguish RPG system.  I am putting up a poll for YOU to decide which is better.  I am okay either way, it makes no difference to me.  So here is your chance to decide which system will be the official Rogue Space system.  Vote now!  I will leave the poll and both rule sets up for 2 weeks for you to download and decide.

Future of Rogue Space
Last note, all supplements after the Main rules will be pkt mod only.  Eventually I will combine everything into a booklet edition which I will hand make, and include a pair of dice.  It will contain all pkt mod materials, and some exclusive stuff too.  Space Ships will be next then a series of setting books.

Okay enough fun, off to mow the yard...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rogue Space Updates

1) So deflated by my inability to get the space ships supplement together as quickly as I hoped, I took a different tack.  I am 90% sure that Aliens & Androids will come out this weekend. 

2) While writing, I thought about adjusting damage and HP in Rogue Space more towards the Roguish RPG model.  It's simple and does not break anything, it just adds random damage and a wee more to HP determination.  The question is should I provide it or just leave well enough alone?

3) The future-after A&A, and Star Ships, I thought about doing some setting splat books using the system.  Any interest?