Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the horizon

I have really appreciated the reviews, but am a bit concerned that some folks only see it as a "pulp" style game. 

Now that being said, I am glad to see Mik spin it into Mass Effect (can't wait to see rules his write up!) and Hereticwerks takes it into all sort of cool different realms, and Porky has given it a good 40k-esque spin too.   That gives me hope!

To that end I will post an adventure I have run using Rogue Space. Its kind of a window into how I run adventures and the style of game I use Rogue Space for in general.  From a referee's perspective, it's going to take work.  I I have outlines of the big stuff, but leave things open for the players do what they like.  It's a sandbox of sorts...but with a specific goal...and the players get to decide how to achieve it.  So the referee has to be on his toes and do some fast thinking as it encourages the players to "figure it out" and the referee has to react and be ready for crazy stuff players may decide to do.

I plan on posting it (for free) as a download this weekend, the adventure is called Obake.

Second, I posted a survey on whether or not to make an ebook version of he rules for sale.  It would retail for  $7 if I did it, so vote and let me know.

Rogue Transmissions #1 is shaping up.  Articles and Art from Hereticwerks, Porky's expanse, and yours truly will be in the first issue.  hopefully their will be a second, but your support will determine that!


  1. The elegant simplicity of the rules allow Rogue Space to serve a pulp-style approach very well, thus it might just be a victim of it's utility/success in that regard. It fits the Leigh Brackett style of Pulp SciFi, her Mars would be a great setting for Rogue Space, as indeed would her entire fictional Solar system. But that's hardly the only direction a GM could opt to take things.

    Rogue Space works well for a more Heinlein/Piper style game as well as something a bit more Stapledonian with vast, cosmic vistas. It's really a matter of swapping-out some assumptions, building off of the skeleton provided. The rules really serve to spur the process of setting creation -- the universe is mostly a blank canvas, so go make stuff!

    We're working on some modular bits that will take the core rules into some interesting directions, including a few short, sweet, plug-and-play settings very much inspired by the way you handled some of Needles' incredible stuff early-on in the creation of the RPG. Fun stuff. It's all there in the downloads.

  2. Hey GJ, thanks for the kind words and I REALLY am looking forward to more of your work! Our home game has used many of your creations so far...but I have to keep my wife and players off your site or they will spoil the surprises! :)

    I plan on converting (with permission) more stuff from Needle's work--if I can just get a few hours alone to work on more stuff! :)

    Thanks for you support and for expanding the boundaries of The Dark Frontier!