Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rogue Space, meet Mass Effect!

While I wait for a break in the crazy work/life grind and have a chance to get focused on Rogue Space again, that does not mean some great Rogue Space isn't happening elsewhere!

Mik was kind enough to look at Rogue Space on his blog, and I think its worth your time to check it out.

It was damn nice of him to review it AND podcast a play of it!  I really appreciate his review and constructive criticisms greatly.  It's good to know where I can make things better! My wife loved the use of her art for the review image! Thanks' Mik! Rocket on over and check out Mik's thoughts on the game yourself.


And listen to his use of Rogue Space as the engine for a Mass Effect adventure!
Podcast review

Sometimes this creative experience is really like being trapped in a capsule and unsure of what your end results will really be, so I appreciate the feedback greatly.  My wife and I both appreciate your support!  There is more good stuff to come fellow Rogue Spacers, i just need to get some free time to myself to work on Rogue Transmissions!!  Thanks for playing and your patience!

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