Saturday, July 21, 2012

Your Time Will Come...

As promised, I have now posted in pocket mod format the optional ship combat rules for free.  These will be included in the Dark Edition rule book as an option and for those owning the original rule book, you now have them for free! 

In essence these rules have ship combat damage become a bit more cinematic in application.  Also the exact damage effects in game play allow a creative referee to add more description and effects.

They are strictly optional  and as with any RPG rules: add, expand or discard as you like.  They are an amalgam of rules based on Mike Berkey's Where No Man has Gone Before 2.0 and my own Far Trek RPG rules set.  As with all things Rogue Space, they are simple to use and can be expanded on to suit your own desires.

Speaking of the Dark Edition rules, art continues to be created, and cover B was chosen!  Thanks to all who voted.

Also M.Jared Swenson has a Star*Drive history post for use with Rogue Space!

The art in this post is Fallen Astronaut by SeanSoong.


  1. Sweet! I've been looking forward to this. I'm printing them off now.

  2. Enjoy gentlemen and thanks for your support!