Friday, March 9, 2012


Origin: Unknown
Size: Varies greatly
Shapes reported: spherical, tubular, trapezoidal, ringed.
Sentient: Unknown
Number: Unknown

For as long as man has explored the Dark Frontier, PredaStar's have been reported.  These massive formations seem to feed on  a star or planet at random and continue their journey through space.  Wreathed in cloaks and tendril of dark matter, an actual physical structure resides within.   Sonic probes have reported a massive physical structure within, but no race claims ownership.  The PredaStars do change direction and seem to be either intelligent or under intelligent control.  All attempts at communication in known languages and mathematics have failed.

Our best known and most widely available image is one of the last transmissions from the scientific explorer Latka.  It's captain Heinz Moktah reported strange transmission from the mass and was closing to try and get a better signal before their transmissions were lost.

Quick...and embarrassing update: the character sheets in the back of the printed book were a test one from waaay back in the design and I'll never know how exactly I managed to stick them in the final copy!  CRAP!  Anyway v2 is up as the purchase book now, so the few who bought v1 with the wonky character sheets-I am sorry.  Character sheets are free downloads...and they are correct! :)


  1. Cool. Reminds me of the original Star Trek episode 'The Doomsday Machine'.

  2. It could go there for sure...or it becomes a setting for a massive space hulk/ dungeon crawl...or a save the galaxy mission...or the the first seed of a much deeper mystery. In Rogue Space, you never know...