Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pioneers on the Dark Frontier

Rogue Transmissions 1 will feature the work from Hereticwerks and Porky's Expanse along with a wee bit from me your humble guide to The Dark Frontier.  I am finding the more I push out Rogue Transmissions waiting for the time to make it what I want, the less time I have to do so.

Frankly the stuff is too good to continue to delay, so Rogue Transmission 1 will come out this weekend as a free downloadable PDF.  Will it be pretty and perfect? NO!  Will it be full functional and filled with other folks genius to inspire you and add to your fun with Rogue Space?  Abso-fraking-lutely!

Also another pair of Dark Frontier pioneers, M. Jared Swenson and his artistic brother Jarom Swenson will be releasing the completed MECH rules for Rogue Space today! I have watched the development and much like Porky's vehicle rules, the Mech rules adhere to the primary design principle of Rogue Space: make it simple! I am really looking forward to the rules and hope MJ wants to contribute them to Rogue Transmissions 2!

It's MJ's 30th birthday today and it looks like we get the gift! Stop by and check out his rules download and wish him many happy returns!

Rogue Space Black edition update
Also my wife is hard at work at more illustrations for the RS Black edition booklet. Thanks for voting on covers! My wife refuses to look at the poll results until the end and that's fine because I need her focused on more cool illustrations for the black edition booklet!


  1. Yay! I was waiting for news about Rogue Transmissions. I think its great to have a document of works provided by various other contributors. Makes the program feel alive.

    I would love to contribute to Rogue Transmissions 2. I have other things coming down the pipe for Rogue Space.

  2. Happy Birthday MJ!! I really look forward to seeing what else you create because the MECH rules are outstanding! Maybe ROGUETECH is a good name for those rules? Hmmmm

    Also tomorrow I will post about a sector being created by HERETICWERKS! Remember.. The Dark Frontier has no bounds...