Saturday, June 15, 2013


I have finished (and worked ahead a bit) in my plans for my fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds.  Now I feel comfortable with committing fully to the revision to Rogue Space!

The key to the rework is refitting and expanding things a bit as I am pretty happy with how things came out originally. Plus the wealth of great stuff in Rogue Transmissions and great stuff others have created for Rogue Space supports my idea that the core works.  Even so there is really only ONE major change and that is creatures.

I've never been happy with how critters ended up, instead I am going to take a page from the past and streamline it even further.  It's a work in progress so I won't give you the half baked idea here, and I want to play it out in some "pocket adventures" to see how it plays out. Suffice to say, I think it's going to work just fine and it will be the only real major change to the rules.

I am looking at adding in the following:
+Some alien races
+Additional information/options on non-combat ship sections
+Thumbnail adventure ideas

Might add the following
? Sample Space Station
? Sample Setting
? My own thoughts on playing Rogue Space and how they are reflected in the Setting

As to the physical design, I am stripping out the retro-vibe and using my wife's illustrations in addition I am making the game into a 6x9 digest sized rule book.

...and for those who wonder, sorry the revised edition will be a for profit item.  Clearly gaming stuff is not a get rich quick scheme, but yes we'd like to enjoy a small profit so that the time and energy my wife and I have put into this might merit a dinner out. We are both very thankful for your support of Rogue Space and look forward to seeing you in the Dark Frontier soon!