Friday, June 22, 2012

New Review

Well MJ took a break from making kick ass MECH rules for Rogue Space--and wrote a review!

So head over and read his take on the rules good bad and otherwise.

Also he plans to make the MECH rules booklet available shortly, so its a good time to begin following his blog and picking up some more great material for your own Rogue Space Game.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Below are the proposed covers my wife cranked out for the Rogue Space Little black book edition.  Vote and let me know what you like!! (Note, my wife cranked these out very quickly so they are not final images.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking for adventure?

Occult Moon produces "sandbox toys' for use in fantasy and now Sci-Fi games.  For $1.99 you can download 3 page adventures settings perfect for mashing into Rogue Space.  The adventures are "generic" so it is easy to convert the NPC's and other information into Rogue Space format.

Their Sci-Fi series is called Captain's Logs and here is the flavor text for the latest issue#3

The abandoned mining colony on Elkos IV has been ignored for years. Now, however, two ships have vanished in the Elkos system and there are rumors of riches under the coat of ice that cloaks the dead world. Could there be something to those rumors? Or is it simply the activities of the notorious pirate known only as Luraya? The crew are not the only ones looking for the missing ships…and the truth.

The third issue of Captain’s Logs from the Sandbox takes the crew to the dead, ice-bound world of Elkos IV. This world will not give up its secrets lightly, but those secrets might be worth more than gold and riches. Face six mission complications, each with three twists, five NPCs, a table of space travel hazards, and a table of planetary hazards. Suitable for any space opera science fiction RPG.

You can buy and download their works from RPGNOW. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MORE mech madness

M.J. has posted even more of his work for rules adding Mechs into the Rogue Space game!  Just as cool are the Jarom's first sketches of mechs to support the rules!  I am excited to see this come together!

I really dig all the work from Porky adding a 40k spin and vehicle rules, Hereticwerks adding strange invaders, creatures, and even more unique content, Mik making a Mass Effect setting and rules, and M.J. droping mechs into the middle of it all.  This is exactly the kind of response I hoped for and am just blown away seeing all of these great ideas come to life!

These and other fellow gamers are adding more depth, range, and greatness into the Rogue Space game!  They prove anything is possible on the Dark Frontier, and I am thankful for their support and sharing their genius!  If you are doing anything creative with RS rules, drop me aline I'd love to add your blog and ideas for more people to enjoy!

It came from Hereticwerks!

Hereticwerks have been long supporters of Rogue Space and its Dark Frotnier ideas for game play!  They have now created an index of all their great additions to Rogue Space that I can HIGHLY recommend you check out and start downloading!  Lots of great ideas, cool critters, and unique additions to The Dark Frontier!

What's better? They have more to COME! Personally I can't wait as many of their additions made it into our home game and there is NOTHING better than surprising players with unique and alien encounters!  You never know what may show up on the Dark Frontier!