Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneaky Peeky

Well my wife is giving shape to my mad visions and I guess the editing delays are good in that they are allowing her to continue to create some kick-ass art. (yes I am very prejudiced, it's my wife!)

The editing is really almost done and the layout is this weekend, and then straight to the dark side of the moon! We will have lift off my friends!  Thanks again for all your patience and support, I sure hope you will think it is as worthwhile as I do!


  1. Oh yeah!

    Looking forward to to it!


  2. @PB Thanks for your support, I am really excited to!

  3. I'm getting really excited, I look forward to it! Do you mind if I use the image at the top of this post as a link image to your RS blog at TROLL HAMMER?

  4. @ Paul-Thanks man, Yes I have one I will be sending to you and a couple other blogs soon!