Saturday, February 22, 2014

Things & Stuff

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Eli just posted a really cool new race for Rogue Space called The Skeevs. Man the possibility with this races is really cool, and their ship types (Barques and Cutlasses) are really cool concepts.  The image to the left is kind of what I thought of when Eli described the Barques. Anyway, if you need a cool new race as friend, foe, or fodder, The Skeevs are it!

Second bit of news, Charles from Play By, is going to do a include an ad for Rogue Space and the pocket mod sample rules in his magazine Suspense & Decisions #4.  You can check out the current issues for a good read! I appreciate greatly Charles' interest in including Rogue Space for his readers to check out. It's not the usual fare for his readers so I appreciate greatly his taking a chance on the Dark Frontier!

Most of all, I just want to say thank you fellow explorers and skelonauts! Thanks for giving the game a spin, thanks for creating so much killer content, and thanks for always making the game more interesting and fun with your creative new ideas.  Game on!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Did you see this?

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Holy awesomeness Rogue Spacers...Giles has created not one, but two posts worth of alien beings and assorted baddies to populate Rogue Space with.  Sincerely this is the kind of awesome you print out as a Referee and keep as a constant reference for making adventures with, populating space ports, or creating bounty hunter adventures with...especially if you have down loaded Mik's Mass Effect Rogue Space conversion (MERS).  Trust me you NEED what Giles has created!

Damn great work Giles, and thanks for bringing new life into the Dark Frontier!

Go get yourself some of the awesome Giles laid out!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spotted in Rogue Space

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Three new alien races have been discovered in Rogue Space, courtesy of  Eli , Eli again, and Brutorz Bill.  Proof positive you never know what...or who...might appear on the Dark Frontier.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Play is the Thing, just ask Jupiter Zeus!

Burtorz Bill at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild has posted a series of posts about his adventure, with Jupiter Zeus Space Simian, using Rogue Space!

Below are links to the adventure and his post game wrap up and thoughts:

Rogue Space Mini-Review
Jupiter Zeus Stats
Adventure pt1
Adventure pt2

Thanks Bill for having a go with Rogue Space, and for posting your session notes and giving the game a fair shake.  I really appreciate it and hope others get inspired too!

Game on!

Friday, February 7, 2014

UPDATE Green Skeleton & Curmudgeon both speak!

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Straight from Brutorz Bill at the Green Skeleton Gaming Guild is a mini-review of the new edition of Rogue Space.

I appreciate his review, feedback and the kind words for my wife's art!  I think the contrast between her work style and that of Luigi "Artkid" Castellani in the rules fits the Toolbox/anything goes idea behind Rogue Space.

OSR notable great illustrator and gamer, Steve Zieser of Curmudgeons & Dragons fame, also has some nice things to say about Rogue Space!  More importantly, he also has a great Simian illustration to check out so go ape and see it!

Stargazer took a quick look at the new edition of Rogue Space and gave it favorable marks and is another good read.

So if you are still unsure about venturing into the Dark Frontier, take a look at these reviews and that of Giles as well!