Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MORE mech madness

M.J. has posted even more of his work for rules adding Mechs into the Rogue Space game!  Just as cool are the Jarom's first sketches of mechs to support the rules!  I am excited to see this come together!

I really dig all the work from Porky adding a 40k spin and vehicle rules, Hereticwerks adding strange invaders, creatures, and even more unique content, Mik making a Mass Effect setting and rules, and M.J. droping mechs into the middle of it all.  This is exactly the kind of response I hoped for and am just blown away seeing all of these great ideas come to life!

These and other fellow gamers are adding more depth, range, and greatness into the Rogue Space game!  They prove anything is possible on the Dark Frontier, and I am thankful for their support and sharing their genius!  If you are doing anything creative with RS rules, drop me aline I'd love to add your blog and ideas for more people to enjoy!

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