Saturday, July 27, 2013


Some of the feedback I've had on Rogue Space, since its launch, is a request for a bit more granularity in the attributes.  There are a couple different ways of achieving that, but the key for me is KISS: Keep It Simple Spacemonkey. Currently the attributes for Rogue Space are FASER:


Here is what I have play tested with, and while not earth shattering, it's made for better game play and a bit more interesting character definition. Be hold...PHASER

Physique-Physical strength, melee combat, running, swimming and climbing
Hustle-Getting, finding, hiding, or losing someone or something
Agility-Hand eye coordination, nimbleness, piloting, shooting and throwing
Scientific-Figuring out puzzles, problems, logical deduction, and analysis
Empathy-Interacting and influencing people, psychic ability: both resistance and usage
Repairing -fixing, upgrading, repairing, or jury-rigging mechanical objects.

Nothing earth shattering nor revolutionary, just a little tweaked and I think a nice evolution.

Your thoughts?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Behind the scenes...

In addition to my lovely wife's illustrations, I have commissioned some illustrations from Luigi "Artkid" Castellani!

Luigi's illustrations are fantastic and I have been lucky enough to commission many for Heroes & Other Worlds (my fantasy RPG.)  Fortunately Luigi was also able to do some illustrative work for the upcoming new edition of Rogue Space and I am really excited!

Now let's talk creatures.  As I said in an earlier post, this section/area was the one that felt out of step with the rest of Rogue Space.  While everything else was pretty clean and simple, this one was clunky. So taking a page from the past I maintained the TSARZ nomenclature for size and just tied a basic die roll modifier tied to creature size. 

So a Tiny creature is -4, Small -2, Average-0, Really Big+2, ZOMG! +4.

This is just a baseline guideline assuming the creature in question is a basic attacker or combat fodder. I suggest a range of plus or minus 1 from each size modifier.  So Average space pirates may be +1, while Tiny vicious biters may be a -3. Simple, clean and easy to adjudicate or whip up on the fly.

For a specialized NPC's or Creatures, one with important meaning to an adventure, you stat it out per normal FASER attributes.  In addition I am working up some "creature features" to help spur ideas on making alien creatures unique beyond just die roll modifier and description. In play its met more of my original Rogue Space ideal (quick, simple, flexible) and aids a free flowing experience for the referee, which of course translates into more seamless play.

The work continues...