Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneak Peak...Fionna

Here is a sneak peak of my wife's work for the Dark Edition rules book.  This is how she describes Fionna:

"Fionna is a merchant and a dangerous one. She is beautiful, hard working, ass kicking and isn't afraid of danger, if there are enough credits to make it worth her while. Think Jade from Jonny Quest, think female Boba Fett, think...well...Fionna from Burn Notice.  Watch your six and don't cross this kat!"

This is why its taking awhile for the book to finish, she is making some great illustrations to make Rogue Space Dark Edition worth your time and money.


  1. Awesome character design, the missus is very talented! Your work once complete will truly shine, excelsior!!!!

    1. Thanks very much Whitney for the kind words and support! I just hope it will all be worth the wait!

  2. Now this is what i'm talking about. Your wife does good work. More of this and the book is sure to be a piece of art.

  3. Great art and great illustration! The rayguns on display behind her are quite attractive too!

  4. Thanks all, I really appreciate your support and patience!

  5. Great stuff! This is going to look wonderful.