Sunday, May 12, 2013


I just finished one of two projects for my fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds.  It took 2 months longer than I anticipated. Good news is, I plan on finishing the second project in June.  Then its on to completing the Rogue Space re-write!  My wife has all the art complete so it is a matter of my completing the play testing, re-write: deciding where to edit and what to add.

At this point the core mechanics and rules remain unchanged. Additional content includes fleshing out more of the ship construction, more alien race examples and adding in cybernetics.  One change I am wrestling with is whether to make armor a fixed protection amount or not.  I am leaning towards fixed as it is "cleaner" to adjudicate mechanically (less die rolling). The big issue I am wrestling with is how creatures are defined.  As simple as the rest of the system is, they are just too clunky in my opinion as originally written.

In any event, I am working towards an August timeline for release. Thanks for your patience and support!