Thursday, December 29, 2011


Want to add ground vehicles to your Rogue Space game? Me too!

Now available courtesy of Porky @ Porky's expanse are some outstanding ground vehicle rules!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sector Maker preview

Nothing earth shattering, just a preview of the sector maker sheet and proof that despite a week's delay duty to the holidays and family visits, work continues on a The Rogue Space core rules.

Again this core rules system is meant to be the generic kick off point to playing the game and codifying the rules set.  The pocket mods to come will create adventures, antagonists and settings which you can graft on as you see fit.

Back to work!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How soon is now?

Awhile back I posted an image of black obelisk from 2001 a space odyssey.  Why? Well to tease the coming of an official printed Rogue Space RPG book.  This will be a digest sized book and I do not want it to go beyond 48 pages, and ideally I can keep it down to 36. 

What the rules will be is a compilation and revision of the core Rogue Space pocket mods:
  • Basic Rules
  • Starships
  • Aliens and A.I.
In addition I will add
  • more psionics
  • a brief intro to RPG's and terms glossary for new players
  • Simple sandbox Sector creation rules

Note: This rules book will make the currently posted Starships and Aliens/ AI pocket mod rules obsolete...BUT I am keeping them up in pocket mod in case you prefer the original rules better!

I will only support, combine and create materials using the new rules once the book is done and out, but the current core pocket rules will remain free and an introduction to Rogue Space.

This is the only "For Sale" item I intend to produce for Rogue Space and will continue to provide all other materials, adventures and compilations free in pocket mod format.

I hope to have the rule book out in January for purchase, and while I have not settled on an MSRP yet...I like the idea and symmetry of an 8.88 price...

So I will be watching the site and around to comment, but a lot of the great work I want to pursue using the fantastic work of Needles, Porky, and Garrison James' Ain 4 materials will have to wait a few weeks until I knock this book out.

Also note, the image on this post is an idea I am considering for the game cover...except with a star field background.  Interesting? Or should I keep the original from the pocket mod?

Thanks for your patronage to my little site and support for Rogue Space, its gone from 8 pages to infinity!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NEW inspired setting...

Needles has crafted another gem of a setting for your Rogue Space game!  It mashes up enough interesting stuff from various sources that my mind reels at the possibilities!  Rogue Space is vast and varied, and Needles' work makes the perfect launch pad or landing spot for any Rogue Spacer.

Happy landings!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More 40k inspired greatness from Porky's Expanse

Porky has posted a some great Rogue Space add-on rules if you like the idea of a 40k inspired setting! I am really impressed with his ability to keep these ideas simple to include when playing Rogue Space, and how much they give RS a 40k inspired feel.

Check it out!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rogue Space 40k?

Well Porky's Expanse continues to expand into Rogue Space!

After taking time to post a thorough review of Rogue Space, Porky has just posted a Rogue Space 40k quick conversion--and it is excellent.

I am a fan of the 40k universe and have some of the RPG books from Fantasy flight.  Great resource material-but too chunky for me to run...unless I convert some stuff into a Rogue Space Trader setting?  Let me know if a 40k inspired splat book is of interest...and for bonus points what specifically you think needs to be in it.  Remember I have an 8 page limit...

Monday, December 5, 2011

It Came from Swords & Stitchery...

Eric at the incredible blog Swords & Stitchery creates some of the best Weird Sci-Fi material I have ever seen.  Better yet he is prolific in his creativity, and its all for the great (and free) Sci-Fi RPG Humanspace Empires.

Strangely enough, I thought this great work by Eric would be a perfect fit into Rogue Space.  So I created a pocket mod booklet of an enemy and adventure Eric posted recently on his site.

The Rshomignggu (say that 3x fast) are an interesting enemy and if you like your sc-fi strange, are a perfect edition to your Rogue Space game.

Bookmark and visit Eric's site often for more epic weird goodness.  The Rogue Space version of his work is now downloadable in the Rogue Space link to the right as RSHM PKT.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rogue Space character and adventure hook

Over at Roll for Treasure he's posted a cool Rogue Space bounty hunter character, a new ship, and some neat adventure hook ideas...all for free!

Check it out!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Into the wormhole...

I put a lot of time and work into Rogue Space this year, more than I had planned originally.  It seems to have stalled out both in terms of player interest and my need to put further time into it.

For now, I will give us both a break and focus my energies and attentions elsewhere. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pirates & Peril among the Stars

What a day! I have created not just one, but THREE new pocket mods for Rogue Space today. I think my eyes may begin to bleed!

Okay so here is what you will find now in the downloads:

1) Pirates & Peril setting book (good with Blue Priests too)
2) A Rogue Space random adventure generators...WITH a small adventure included.
3) A revised Ship combat rules using my work from Far Trek.

Note I have simplified aliens/monsters and NPCs with this new direction.  In addition ship combat is more cinematic. As a result, I have removed the original spaceship rules, Aliens and Androids supplement, and the KBB supplement.

Yes, I know I will need to  revise them all and republish, but you have a lot of shiny new toys to play with right now, so go at it and let me know what you think. 

Pirates & Peril

This is the cover for the Space Pirates themed addition for Rogue Space.  As stated previously, this setting will take place just after Worlds War One.   It is planted in a similar time lines as our but set in the late 1920's or early 30's with four major powers out among the stars:

Imperial Germany
British Empire
The Soviet Bloc
The People's Co-Prosperity Sphere

Find dinosaurs on Venus, Strange pyramids on Mars, and rumors of disturbing terrors from the outer edges of the solar system! Join as a star soldier, or fight to free the stars from the imperial powers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well the vote looks pretty clear...

First, thanks for taking time to vote, it really does matter.  I am going to set my space pirates game in the decade following my Worlds War One RPG time line.  Yes another damn project to assault at some time, but first...the Space Pirates....I should have it ready this weekend. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Next destination?

Okay here is your chance to vote on the next supplement setting for Rogue Space.  The voting choices are on the right, and the winner gets made. I'll allow 2 weeks to vote starting...NOW!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RS Setting? Rogue Space 2440

A few years ago I pitched a simple to play tactical squad based sci-fi war game to a company.  I had art commissioned from the talented Dario Corallo who does a lot of the Dark City Games counters.  The image is 4 of the main figures from the game.

The game (I still think) kicks ass and takes names, but I am thinking maybe it would make a good, if generic, background setting for Rogue Space.  Below is the background setting pitch for my original war game, let me know what you think about this becoming the default Rogue Space setting...

Rogue Space 2440   a History
Humanity expanded beyond the boundaries of Earth, colonizing and eventually terra-forming Mars.  It was expensive and dangerous work.  Many died in the efforts and an alternative to this process had to be found.

In response to the risk and expense of sending manned missions into space, humanity created the Robota to do this work.  Into space the Robota were sent seeking new worlds with the raw materials needed to build humans homes amongst the stars.  When profitable worlds were found, ships called ARCS (Automated Robota Colonization Ship) were launched.  The ARCS were equipped to build mines, farms, and to start terra-forming the world for a new human colony. ARCS became a factory building the thousands of Robota necessary to make the planet capable of supporting humans.

Eventually humanity found that some new worlds were only new to them. They were not alone.  Robota survey teams discovered two unique insect like races had grown and established their own claims to the universe. 

The first contact was with a hive building race humans called the Brood.  It is a race that survives by infestation, swarming, and by rapid reproduction.  A hive would turn a world into food and a habitat necessary to support it. When that world was completely infested they, like humans, sought a new world and made it into a new home. Like a disease the brood spread slowly in the universe.  It might have taken millennia before humans and brood ever met.  Except, programming required the Robota to send specimens back of any life forms they discovered.  The Robota did their duty, collecting live specimens and sending ARCS back carrying the Brood to all known colonized worlds.  The Brood found the Robota made a suitable food source during the voyages back to human colonized worlds.  When ARCS opened on a human colonized world, a species not seen before swarmed into a new world and found a new host on which to feed and grow: humanity.

The Robota did not only discover the Brood.  An ant like race, the Tura, grew quickly in their own part of the universe.  Unlike humanity, they worked in harmony for the greater good of their own race.  When the Brood began infesting their worlds, the Tura learned to defend their race.  When the Robota landed on Tura worlds and took them as specimens, they learned a lesson only humanity could teach.  They learned to go to war.

Following ARCS back to human occupied planets, the Tura began a war against mankind.  To the Tura, humanity is a new and deadlier infestation than the Brood, and they must be stopped at all costs.

Humanity finding it was in a hostile universe supplied its creation, the Robota, with the means to defend him.  He provided them weapons, and created new units to fight and defend humanity.  For a time the Robota fought for humanity.  They began replicating weapon armed units on worlds across the universe. Robota stood against the brood and the Tura as they attacked more human colonized planets.  Slowly the Robota pushed back the enemies of humanity securing the frontiers of human space.

The success of the Robota was a time of relief for the beleaguered human colonies.  Then humanities own creation turned against him as well.  Some say it was the effects of radiation, others said the effects of strange planetary conditions, maybe a computer virus, or possibly it was the work of the Tura.  Some say man sowed the seeds of his own destruction by creating a race of servants who waited patiently for the tools to free themselves and become the new masters.  Whatever the cause, humanities greatest ally and defender in the universe became its deadliest foe.

The Robota now war against all organics.  With binary code as their philosophy, they give the organics a simple choice. This choice is the soul of all Robota programming, 1 or 0, something or nothing, serve or die. 

With nowhere else to turn, humanity must once again depend on itself.  A small elite force now fights to defend all of humanity, the Marines.  All the hope for human existence rests upon those chosen for the Corps.  It rests upon the shoulders of those who can never fail, never take one step back, and can never rest until victory is won for all of humanity.

Now war rages across worlds scattered through space. Every battle brings one side a step closer to victory and the other side, one step closer to extermination. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Need some Space to go Rogue in?

I have heard some buzz about "nice rules, but I need some background or setting to help get me started." Well, while not specifically designed for Rogue Space, this neat sector generator could provide a perfect overview setting for use with Rogue Space.  This nifty little auto program generates:
  • A sector Map
  • Details the Worlds
  • Creates NPC's
  • List of Corporations
  • Politics
  • Religions
  • Aliens
It's all stat free, so its perfect for using with Rogue Space!

Just generate a sector, download it, and you are off to outer space!

Rogue Space Armory Now Available

I often wonder if design ADD is both a blessing and a curse...

So it's not Nightfall, but it may be something you have wanted? Okay sure, no one actually ever asked for it, but maybe you are just shy in the anonymity of cyberspace? Hmmm, well I'll let you and you therapist worry about that one.

In the meantime, here is an armory of stuff to use with ROGUE SPACE.  The equipment lists are courtesy of a free PDF published by Mike D. on his SWORD+1 blog.   I re-purposed his equipment lists for ROGUE SPACE use and BAM! Instant Armory!

It's available in the ROGUE SPACE downloads to your right.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rogue Space: NIGHTFALL

Next up for Rogue Space: NIGHTFALL...a reason to be afraid of the dark, because space is very dark indeed.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SIMIAN STARS: Apes invade Rogue Space

Well it may have taken longer than I originally intended, but SIMIAN STARS is ready!  You can find it in the Rogue Space downloads section to your right.

At this point my next goals are two fold for Rogue Space:
1) Create the Nightfall sector
2) Codify and unite all its disparate parts into one little rule book.  Note this will mean an overhaul of some parts of the current materials.

Aliens and Androids will get more simple and streamlined as well the the starship combat section.  In general I will put it all into one book and then launch it.

Enjoy the Apes and let me know if its worth pursuing any further.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

State of Rogue Space

Well Far Trek is finished, and I am nearly complete with Simian Stars as well as my new Zombie Pocket Mod RPG.  I think I owe it to Rogue Space to finish Simian Stars first so I hope to have it done and out this weekend.  The next Rogue Space Supplement after that will be a space sector setting entitled Nightfall.  Kind of a bleak and spooky space area think Cthulhu and vampires, space hulks and that kind of thing...sort of a Bermuda triangle in space.

After doing Far Trek's starship combat I think I may lift the majority of it into Rogue Space.  It's all pretty much the same, but maybe a bit easier and cooler.  TO do that though means I'll end up kind of revamping all of Rogue SPace.

Nope not a re-write or really any major changes, just codifying and combining it all into one book with added weapons, creatures, and maybe an extra race or two.  That is the long range plan, but for now Apes in space is next: SIMIAN STARS!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

FAR TREK...beta rules

It is only in beta release but you can find the PDF for the Far Trek Rules at the link to the right.  Character sheets are also available for you to use on my Sword & Shield blog.

For the weekend, that's all I plan to do as I figured I labored enough here just getting the beta out for you to try and enjoy.

Eventually I will tighten up the loose screws and make a digest version available (at MFG cost-not for profit) for you to purchase if you like.

Your feedback is welcome both good and bad.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

UPDATE Rogue Space d20? and KBB?

No not quite, but Rogue Space polyhedral is a closer to standard RPG presentation.  It uses your standard RPG dice and more standard (expected) attributes. I learned two things when knocking out the polyhedral dice version of Rogue Space.  First, its pretty easy to have the system use multiple dice and a more "standard" attribute system.  Second, it will require going back and updating the other supplements IF this version is the one most wanted.  Not a hard task by any means, just time consuming.

So what's changed? Glad you asked:

Attributes are now Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Endurance and Empathy.
Added one new Psionic power
Change charts and instructions to reflect use of standard RPG dice set.

I have set up yet another poll that will run for the next two weeks.  This also handily coincides with the next couple weeks of business travel when I will have less time to follow my bliss as it were.

The Rogue Space Poly edition is available for download as is a new set of Poly edition character sheets.  Vote because the winning rules set could change everything...

Second I just completed this morning in a fury of inspiration a ship's catalog to add even more to the RS galaxy of products.  I loved the old Uncle Al's catalogs when I played Car Wars, and I tried to add a bit of that flavor into Kriva's Black Book.

You get a stat write up on the class of ship, a specific ship example, and a little flavor text around that specific ship.  The flavor text can give you adventure ideas, or NPC's to use in your Rogue Space setting or adventures.

  So while you are downloading the Polyhedral Pocket Rogue Space rules set, here is another source book to try!  The galaxy has no bounds and neither apparently does my Rogue Space inspiration.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rogue Space Polyhedral edition

I am going to unleash another Rogue Space experimental rules set prior to cracking on with Simian Stars.  I have thought quite a bit about adding more from my fantasy game Roguish (they much delayed version) into Rogue Space.  While I prefer D6 gaming myself, I know a lot of people really like rolling various polyhedral dice when they game.  For them that represents true gaming.    So I think I found away to satisfy us both.  The core rules books change (in what dice are used for what) but everything else in any supplement remains UNCHANGED.  So I could write an adventure or supplement and you could use it regardless of polyhedral or d6 edition rules you were playing with.

I will drop the polyhedral edition this weekend for your review.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Blue Priests of Pluto

The first adventure setting for Rogue Space is released!  I think Rogue Space is flexible enough to support just about any kind of Sci-Fi setting, so to prove it here is a pulp like setting.

Also included is a random NPA creator page so even if you don't like the pulpy setting, this could help you create your own NPA's for Rogue Space.

Simian Stars, a full alien brief for use in Rogue Space, is my next project. 

Give the Blue Priests it a download and let me know what you think.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simian Stars: Explorer Class Ship Zira

Name: Zira  

Class: Explorer

Speed 1-3

Percent Section Detailed  Data    
20% Shields (5) L (5) M

10% Howitzers (5) Lasers  

40% Interior (5) Bridge (5) Cargo (5) Sci Lab (5) Med Lab
30% Propulsion (5) Eng (5) Eng (5) Eng  
100% Structure 50 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Simian Stars

Here is the first pass cover for the first alien race for Rogue Space.  This will be the next project after the Blue Priests of Pluto.

Stinking Paws or Arachnids in Space?

The Blue Priests of Pluto basic write up is done, now I need to stat up some basic things and clean up the text.  Does it need a map?  My goal was to give you scissors to run with so is a map necessary? Not sure because it's more of a launchpad of ideas for the referee to expand upon, but how much is necessary to make that happen?  Let me know.

After the Blue Priests I am torn between two different splat books:  Ape World or my own "home setting" Ape World should be self explanitory-space faring apes that can be characters Gorillas are Warriors, Orangutans are Rogues and Chimpanzees are Technicians.   If Traveller has the Vargr, then Rogue Space has Damn Dirty APES!

Next is my own setting that I came up with a few years ago when I was working on a simple sci-fi tactical board game.  Humans, bugs, and robots are the three "races" filling and at war in the galaxy.  I won't say much more than that but if you have a preference on what to see next let me know.

Lastly, I am working on additional starships and equipment list.  Some will pop into the supplements but most will be in the Rogue Space booklet.  I think once the next setting is done I'll start work on the compilation booklet.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blue Priests of Pluto

I got a pretty good start on this next supplement for Rogue Space. It will have  brief set up, some npc's, creatures, and an area map along with some adventure ideas, but won't be a module or adventure specifically.  Seems like most people can, and do, like to make their own stuff, they just want a setting or launch pad for ideas.  That is what this will be.

It will not be a hard gritty spacer, more sword and planet, although you could easily adjust it to whatever you prefer.  While I like gritty sci-fi (Aliens, Outland, Semper Mars)  I think Rogue Space can accommodate any kind of play and through a series of splat books I want to show that.  So I'll go where I normally wouldn't first to stretch myself and my ideas.

Also there seems to be not much interest or buzz with each successive release, which is fine because if the system sucks, it sucks.  So I will do another one or two, but if things remain flat-lined then I'll move on and file this endeavor in the history file.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Holy Crap! I know its not like giving birth, but damn is it taxing!  After lots of delays, reworks, play tests, edits, and hair pulling, here are the Rogue Space Starship rules! The Starscope playable map is there as well, full sized for your use. Download them both now over in the Rogue Space Sorties image to your right.

These rules give you all the basics for combat and movement along with defining ships attributes.  Is it the last word on the subject for Rogue Space? Nope.  I think I learned a lesson from Supplement 2 Aliens and Androids by trying to cram too much into 8 pages.  This just feels cleaner and more simple.  I think a Shipyard supplement is a mandatory next.  You can read these rules and see how they would be laid out.  Then the shipbuilding rules will be its own supplement.

One of the biggest "gripes" with the rules may be that weapons do the same damage regardless of ship size they are in.  Yes a structure 10 ship laser does the same damage as a structure size 100 ship laser. I fooled around with 4 different options to try and make it more "logical", but in play, I found out the basic rules worked best!  I am chagrined when you discover the answer all along was, "quit fixing, it was never broken!"

You see, a larger ship has more "hit points" so each of its systems do as well.  Meaning it can sustain a lot more damage and keep weapons firing much longer which in the end gives it the firepower advantage with out modifiers, multipliers and other mathematical bonuses over smaller ships.  Clean, simple, and effective.

Second in RS: Starships, the random rolls for damage in Rogue Space Wander edition (for L, M, V, and X) are used for both weapons and shields!  This made combat quite interesting and fun!

Thanks to the 5 of you who voted, you made the Rogue Space "Wander" edition rules official! It's available to download now in Pocket edition.  Lots for you to download and enjoy so get after it.  I need to hyperspace for awhile....I keep dreaming of the Blue Priests of Pluto....that phrase is stuck in my head and I feel a splat book setting germinating...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Retrofit nearly complete

I have spent the last 2 weeks retrofitting my spaceship rules and It is nearly complete. I think I should have them done and posted this weekend.  That will finish the 3 core sections of Rogue Space!

Assuming the ship book gets finished, next I think I will put together a setting book.  A simple campaign area, some background, a few NPC's, creatures, and ships.

Then I will work on the purchasable booklet edition.  It will contain everything I have put out for free, but will include more psionics, more ships, more aliens, more equipment, and I think will include a universe generator charts.  I'll toss in 2 dice plus the booklet and hand assemble each book.  No idea on cost yet, but that's the long range idea at this point.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Aliens & Androids criticisms

@Gonster offers the following good criticism:
I like the A&A Supplement but I don't love it. I like the basic system and hate to add on more and more rules that you don't really need. My example Xenomorph was possible without any special rulings. Just saying, and I'm just one opinion...

The point you bring is painful only because it IS what stopped from releasing the star ships. The "is this really necessary" rule conundrum had me stymied.  

You are correct, it is easy to stat up as you did with the xenomorph, but I think NPA's (Non-Player Aliens) should be different from players.  Thus they have only 2 attributes Physical and Mental, not all 5.  Perhaps it would be better if choosing the 2 most relevant attributes for that NPA from the 5 already established?  Or maybe you want all 5 for everything?

Secondly descriptive information: Type, Size, Movement, Armor, Damage, Hit points and Special. to me those all seem necessary but I am open to arguments that one or more are not important and should be cut. 

Maybe it is the way it is presented that makes it seem more complex? I thought they were simpler than characters as they have only 2 real catch all attributes instead of 5 like a character.

If you have downloaded A&A (and really why wouldn't you-it's free!) go take a look @Gonster's xeno and compare to the A&A version and let me know which you like more....and why!  My goal is a good playable game, not ego, so if I got it wrong let me known!

I hope in all of this you can see (wandering star edition vs original or Gonster's NPA version versus the book's version) I am listening to your comments to help make a good game.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rogue Space: Aliens & Androids

I am pleased to announce Rogue Space Supplement 2: Aliens and Androids is now available for free download! Please find it in the Rogue Space downloads icon to the right.

In the span of 7 pages I have given the basics for using, creating, and playing Aliens, Androids and creating NPAs (non-player aliens) and robots.  That's a LOT of stuff to cover in a small page count!  I am under no illusion (delusion?) that it is complete as random generation charts would be great, and more pre-defined examples would be useful.  Even so, it is ready and I hope will provide you with inspiration and a lot of flexibility.  Let me know your thoughts, both good and bad.

Rogue Space Wandering Star edition
I have also uploaded a version of the Rogue Space basic rules (RS Wander) that uses a random HP addition, and random damage.  This is similar to the Roguish RPG system.  I am putting up a poll for YOU to decide which is better.  I am okay either way, it makes no difference to me.  So here is your chance to decide which system will be the official Rogue Space system.  Vote now!  I will leave the poll and both rule sets up for 2 weeks for you to download and decide.

Future of Rogue Space
Last note, all supplements after the Main rules will be pkt mod only.  Eventually I will combine everything into a booklet edition which I will hand make, and include a pair of dice.  It will contain all pkt mod materials, and some exclusive stuff too.  Space Ships will be next then a series of setting books.

Okay enough fun, off to mow the yard...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rogue Space Updates

1) So deflated by my inability to get the space ships supplement together as quickly as I hoped, I took a different tack.  I am 90% sure that Aliens & Androids will come out this weekend. 

2) While writing, I thought about adjusting damage and HP in Rogue Space more towards the Roguish RPG model.  It's simple and does not break anything, it just adds random damage and a wee more to HP determination.  The question is should I provide it or just leave well enough alone?

3) The future-after A&A, and Star Ships, I thought about doing some setting splat books using the system.  Any interest?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Rogue Space Characters

While ships are still on the launch pad, over at Mike's Amazing RPG Fun Pad, Mike's created some great Rogue Space characters!  You can fire them up as NPC's in your own adventures!  Great work can't wait to see what he does next!

Back for repairs...

Well I thought for sure I'd have the first supplement done this weekend, but no luck.  Not for trying, but it just did not fit the rest of Rogue Space.  So back to the drawing board to make it short, simple, playable, and flexible.  I won't put a time line out there yet because I need to overhaul what I have.  As work starts again tomorrow, I hope maybe in the next week or two to have it up and done.  Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Double Barreled Fun: BUCKSHOT Wild West RPG!

I just released my latest 8 page RPG: BUCKSHOT! I played Boot Hill as a kid, own Aces and Eights, and of course loved Stuart Robertson's Weird West.  In their own way each has been an inspiration.

Mosey on over and check it out-heck mash it up with Rogue Space and you get Firefly? or maybe Cowboy BeBop?

Don;t worry, I still plan on launching space ships this weekend, in the meantime I hope you will check out Buckshot!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Next for Rogue Space

Thanks to those who took time to vote for what comes next!  Starships will be the next supplement followed by Aliens and Droids.  I have though after these, perhaps an optional or idea generating setting book or an instant galaxy maker sort of chart book might be helpful?  Ground vehicles as well should be in there somewhere along with more equipment.

The benefit of this format is brevity.  If I can't fit something into roughly 8 pages I have to edit, cut, and redesign to make it work in that space.  It's a good exercise and I hope as each section is done it will compile into one brief complete game.

Work on Starships will start this week, and I hope to publish it this weekend along with Buckshot my Wild West RPG...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rogue Space supplements: Sneak Peeks!

Just a few days left to vote and right now we have a tie between a star ship supplement or an aliens and droids supplement.  So in the interest of provoking more votes to break the deadlock and to re-affirm (or create fear) for those who have kindly already voted here is a sneak peak of both:

Star Ship preview
Star ships are based on the acronym: S.H.I.P.S.  which stands for: Shields, Howitzers, Interiors, Propulsion and Structure.

Shields is damage your vessel can take before hitting internal systems
Howitzers represents weapon systems
Interiors represent science labs, cargo space, living quarters, sensors, etc.
Propulsion is movement and speed
Structure gives you your base points to build with and serves as a notation for total ship size.

Aliens and Droids preview
Aliens are classified by behaviors and relative expected reaction.  This is summarized by the acronym H.A.I.K.U. representing-Humanoid, Animal, Insect, Known, Unknown

Humanoid-they look different but in general react and act like humans:  Klingoids, Vulcats, vookies are all humanoid
Animals-they react like animals on earth concerned with basics of life like lizards, horse and bears.
Insect-they are job based with  specialized breeding/build patterns to create specific job based offspring-like bees, ants, or xenomorphs, and droids
Known- is kind of a catch all for a behavior pattern that is somewhat known but different and thus far unclassified.-like a giant space Amoeba-you know its an amoeba, but its flying in space somehow so who knows what it will do.
Unknown would be like Ancient Aliens-you have no idea how they function, will react, nor why, its a complete mystery

Okay there is your food for thought for the weekend, we will all see the results on Monday.  As they say in Chicago-vote early, vote often!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rogue Space ALIEN?

 Gonster over at Attack Plan R did a quick write up of the xenomorph from Aliens and its posted.  I am really impressed with the write up, and the minimal space it took to write it up.  That's a gold star! Give it a look, as he has some great write-ups for Weird West as well!

If you are doing something with Rogue Space (besides recycling it), let me know and I'll add your blog to the 8 page Astronaut links.  Also there are a few days left to vote for what comes next for ROGUE SPACE, so if your reading, before clicking away-click and vote, it matters!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rogue Space direction?

As promised earlier today a new poll is up as to what and where to focus next for Rogue Space RPG.  The poll is up for a week so that should give you ample chance to read the basics rules and decide.  I appreciate your feed back and interest!

Rogue Space RPG Questions answered-kind of...

@Robert brought up number of relevant questions and criticism in a kind post yesterday evening.  I thought maybe these questions might be of broader interest so rather than hide them in a post I thought I’d take time to respond widely.

Technician-Robert was not sure the trade off was okay for low HP but more brain ability would be worthwhile.  I can understand that, but I was thinking of the trade off a person makes for brain power vs. brawn as plays into the Archetype.  You are sacrificing one for the other and the rules (as stand now) reflect that.  I see the technician as a Scotty, Spock, or Bones McCoy.  I don’t think of any of these guys as helpless or unable to fight, but they developed their brains to try to avoid that problem and their fields of pursuit took them out of the direction that would have lead to a more combat centric or physical pursuit.  A lot revolves around the referee frankly, and if his campaign is combat-centric then yes these guys are going to have to be well protected.  My goal is to make everyone equal in importance, that’s the referee’s job based on his campaign and playstyle.

Psionics-Robert brings up the (too?) open structure nature of Psionics being widely open to  interpretation and possibly needing more ruling.  Part of the openness is a limit of the rule books size, but part of it is my own thoughts on rules.  The structure is there, but its open to experimentation.  The Psi says what he would like to do, and the referee rules by giving a target number or juicing a Competitive Test roll.

Let’s take a look at Pyrokenisis.   A player trying to light dry tinder should have an easy target number ideally.  What about lighting off a ship’s magazine?  The weapons are filled with propellants so a spark in the right weapon should do it.  Fine, but now let’s look at the situation possibilities: Is the Psi on the same ship? Is the Psi in the same room?  Is he in a building on planet?  Or is he on the other side of the planet?  Is the Psi wounded? Has he been up for 36 hours straight? Has he used his psi power once this week or multiple times today?  Now let’s say an enemy Psi tries the same thing to the player’s ship…Okay now I’ll ask why make (or try to make) rules for all of that?  I’d rather leave it open for player and referee to work out the limits as best serves their ideal, not mine.  No worries, I have ideas on a Psi Stress chart modifier if people want/need it so I do have a bullpen answer.

Simple rules for things like aliens and droids could be next, star-ships seems to me like a logical next step, but maybe more fleshing out of Psi stuff is better-or even necessary.  I will put up a poll for you to voice your opinion tonight.

And for those who read this far, a sneak peak at a similar take on my Western Rpg BUCKSHOT-the attributes for a character spell out F.I.G.H.T.