Sunday, April 15, 2012

Donations and updates

Hello fellow Rogue Spacers.  Well April has turned into a chaotic time as expected, and thus I do not have a lot of time to pursue Rogue Space.  I do have materials that were submitted and it will comprise Rogue Transmissions #1, and I hope to have it available in late May or early June.  In addition the Rogue Space Skirmish rules will be added and I hope to include an adventure as well.

My wife has more art she is working on for the first issue as well, so no worries about it coming out, just taking longer than I would like.

After discussing it, we agreed to use the total $85 kindly donated for Rogue Space to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Thanks very much for your kind support, and I am happy to say it is going to further do even more good.

Purchases and donations have stalled, but hopefully when Rogue Transmissions 1 releases, both may pick up again.

Thanks for your patience, and your support!

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