Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where are we?

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Quick update here on the RS revision.

I am working out the trading/cargo section as well as simple cargo value rules.  Heavy economic sim this is not, but it will be enough to make it functional and easy to spin into a game.  Like everything else in Rogue Space it strives for playability and simplicity over an text book simulation system.

I have also worked out some fear rules to use when encountering "aliens" or other space born monstrosities.

I tend to run my games as humans exploring or at least experiencing the unknown fringes of space. It keeps aliens...well alien, unknown, and always a little unsettling. I also use history as the basis for my little bit of Rogue Space-specifically the Peloponnesian War.  In it Persia, is replaced with the Terran Empire (TE), Athenians are the Untied Planetary League (UPL), and Sparta is the Confederation of Planets (CP).

This little paint job on history provides tons of pre-set political turmoil and situations while allowing strange alien interventions and issues to create uniquely sci-fi experiences.  Using the unbelievably awesome Rogue Space Mech rules (from M.Jared) the CP have an undeniable ground pounding advantage...but the UPL has more ships and influence in the space lanes.  All the while the TE is looking to destroy these upstart empires and bring them under control of the Terran Empire.  Anyway...just a peek in at how I play.

Looking at the unbolted bit hanging off the revisions, I don't think I am going to hit my August goal, probably going to miss it and will hit September instead.  Sorry for the delay!

To end on a brighter note...Rebel Minis is have a 20% off sale this weekend (through 8/17) as they are not attending GENCON. Use code nogencon at check out to get your discount.  I LOVE me some 15mm sci-fi minis and they have a Rogue Space full of vehicles, mechs, aliens, and troopers to enjoy!