Monday, December 5, 2011

It Came from Swords & Stitchery...

Eric at the incredible blog Swords & Stitchery creates some of the best Weird Sci-Fi material I have ever seen.  Better yet he is prolific in his creativity, and its all for the great (and free) Sci-Fi RPG Humanspace Empires.

Strangely enough, I thought this great work by Eric would be a perfect fit into Rogue Space.  So I created a pocket mod booklet of an enemy and adventure Eric posted recently on his site.

The Rshomignggu (say that 3x fast) are an interesting enemy and if you like your sc-fi strange, are a perfect edition to your Rogue Space game.

Bookmark and visit Eric's site often for more epic weird goodness.  The Rogue Space version of his work is now downloadable in the Rogue Space link to the right as RSHM PKT.


  1. Very nice to see a new RS supplement!

  2. Thanks Fenway! I want to see my stuff used! This is great & thanks for doing the conversion! Spread the madness!

  3. Keep up the great stuff Eric, I will have to convert some more of your gems soon!