Friday, June 3, 2011

Rogue Space Updates

1) So deflated by my inability to get the space ships supplement together as quickly as I hoped, I took a different tack.  I am 90% sure that Aliens & Androids will come out this weekend. 

2) While writing, I thought about adjusting damage and HP in Rogue Space more towards the Roguish RPG model.  It's simple and does not break anything, it just adds random damage and a wee more to HP determination.  The question is should I provide it or just leave well enough alone?

3) The future-after A&A, and Star Ships, I thought about doing some setting splat books using the system.  Any interest?


  1. 1) Yay for A&A...that was my second favorite proposed expansion.
    2) I like random damage, so sure.
    3) Yes, absolutely interested.

    Don't forget Roguish, though! Buckshot, Rogue Space, Collapse...all have been awesome, but I'm dying to see the fantasy/dungeon crawler version!

  2. @elrics.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    1) My wife is editing A&A right now-so it will be out in a few hours.

    2) Rogue Space Wandering Star edition will come out as an option. Then I will out up a poll to see which will become the "official" book

    3) Setting books will ideally be themed(so far I have: Far Trek, Sword & Star, Solar Wars, Psi worlds, Xenomorphs, Starthulhu) that add more flavor and details within a setting-but those details can be cut, pasted, and used in any setting.

    Also-all future RS supplements and setting will be offered free as Pocket mod only. Although the Basic rules will remain pocket mod and full sized.

    At some point when I have enough material and extras I will make a combined handmade booklet for purchase. It will combine pocket mods and add some exclusive content along with a pair of dice.

    I have NOT forgotten Roguish, nor Collapse, nor any of the other muse driven, fevered dreams I have going. Just not enough time to get it all done as quickly as I wish! Thanks for your patience and your support!