Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blue Priests of Pluto

I got a pretty good start on this next supplement for Rogue Space. It will have  brief set up, some npc's, creatures, and an area map along with some adventure ideas, but won't be a module or adventure specifically.  Seems like most people can, and do, like to make their own stuff, they just want a setting or launch pad for ideas.  That is what this will be.

It will not be a hard gritty spacer, more sword and planet, although you could easily adjust it to whatever you prefer.  While I like gritty sci-fi (Aliens, Outland, Semper Mars)  I think Rogue Space can accommodate any kind of play and through a series of splat books I want to show that.  So I'll go where I normally wouldn't first to stretch myself and my ideas.

Also there seems to be not much interest or buzz with each successive release, which is fine because if the system sucks, it sucks.  So I will do another one or two, but if things remain flat-lined then I'll move on and file this endeavor in the history file.


  1. Sounds interesting--and has a suitably pulpy name.

  2. Thanks Trey. I am definitely not going to win an originality award, but for a pulp setting I think it feels right and should allow anyone familiar with pulp setting to use it to fit their own twists.