Saturday, September 24, 2011

SIMIAN STARS: Apes invade Rogue Space

Well it may have taken longer than I originally intended, but SIMIAN STARS is ready!  You can find it in the Rogue Space downloads section to your right.

At this point my next goals are two fold for Rogue Space:
1) Create the Nightfall sector
2) Codify and unite all its disparate parts into one little rule book.  Note this will mean an overhaul of some parts of the current materials.

Aliens and Androids will get more simple and streamlined as well the the starship combat section.  In general I will put it all into one book and then launch it.

Enjoy the Apes and let me know if its worth pursuing any further.


  1. Nice! Just in time for Simian Saturday!
    Check your header spelling! ; )

  2. @BB thank you (on both counts!) :)

  3. Just gave you a shout out on my blog! : )

  4. @BB thanks very much for the kind shout out!

  5. Yes, it is worth pursuing further damnit!!! Share your beautiful madness with the world, it needs it. I'm working on my own RPG, your work keeps me inspired. Keep that creative buzz going long as you can.

  6. Very Cool! Very nice Big Ape Fan Here

  7. @Whitney-thanks for the support, the work continues! :)
    #Needles-thanks Hope you dig it!