Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rogue Space: Aliens & Androids

I am pleased to announce Rogue Space Supplement 2: Aliens and Androids is now available for free download! Please find it in the Rogue Space downloads icon to the right.

In the span of 7 pages I have given the basics for using, creating, and playing Aliens, Androids and creating NPAs (non-player aliens) and robots.  That's a LOT of stuff to cover in a small page count!  I am under no illusion (delusion?) that it is complete as random generation charts would be great, and more pre-defined examples would be useful.  Even so, it is ready and I hope will provide you with inspiration and a lot of flexibility.  Let me know your thoughts, both good and bad.

Rogue Space Wandering Star edition
I have also uploaded a version of the Rogue Space basic rules (RS Wander) that uses a random HP addition, and random damage.  This is similar to the Roguish RPG system.  I am putting up a poll for YOU to decide which is better.  I am okay either way, it makes no difference to me.  So here is your chance to decide which system will be the official Rogue Space system.  Vote now!  I will leave the poll and both rule sets up for 2 weeks for you to download and decide.

Future of Rogue Space
Last note, all supplements after the Main rules will be pkt mod only.  Eventually I will combine everything into a booklet edition which I will hand make, and include a pair of dice.  It will contain all pkt mod materials, and some exclusive stuff too.  Space Ships will be next then a series of setting books.

Okay enough fun, off to mow the yard...


  1. Hey, I just discovered your game today. I love the rules light approach, and how the game isn't tied to the OGL (I've made quite a bit for Microlite 20 myself, and that's the only drawback). I'm at

    I prefer the "Wander" edition, personally. Two suggestions: Movement should be a fixed number, just to make things easier, and maybe you could buff up the stat modifiers (say -1, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3)? That makes the game less about having a good 2d6 roll and more about using your abilities.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I like the A&A Suplement but I don't love it. I like the basic system and hate to add on more and more rules that you don't really need. My example Xenomorph was possible without any special rulings. Just saying, and I'm just one opinion...

    I love the wander edition becuase it fixes the "i've got a knife and you are in armor' problem -- a weapon that only does 1 point of damage will never effect a person in 2 pt. armor. I like your solution better than my optional variable damage rules.

  3. @Andrew Micro-lite is a brilliant breakdown of d20, I hope everyone check out your work its fantastic! As to stats, I can certainly look at the suggestions you make. Of note D&D used -2 to +2 range for its stats...but used a d20 for mechanic resolution: 5% for any number to come up. RS uses the bell curve of 2d6 which helps mitigate already some of the vagaries of complete randomness into a more expected result and a bonus of +1 or +2 has a more sizable percentage impact than it does if using a d20. Even so, I will definitely consider it.

    @Gonster-the point you bring is painful only because it IS what stopped from releasing the star ships. The "is this really necessary" conundrum had me stymied. I have much to say so you are becoming a blog post! :)

  4. I prefer the Wandering Star edition :)

  5. @geordieracer-thank you for the vote, so far it seems to be a welcome change!

  6. Nice work! Just spent a small post on your game here:

    BTW I also like the wander rules a bit better.
    And like your brainwave to do a WWI RPG, had a similar wave last 11 november (lookup the post), but haven't made work of it either. Like to see what you make of it.

  7. And just listed your blogs on

    The Dark Dungeon Vaults


  8. @Jaap
    Thank you very much for the feed back and the kind words! Ships will be next after feedback on A&A and wander rules comes in.

    Worlds War I is meant to be a space 1889/aeronef kind of light rpg. This one will take more setting info I think to make it work so its in the bullpen warming up. I too had a brainstorm of sorts last December you can read it and see where I am going in concept. I will read yours too-the more inspiration the better!

  9. Sorry its on my Sword and Shield blog: