Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rogue Space Polyhedral edition

I am going to unleash another Rogue Space experimental rules set prior to cracking on with Simian Stars.  I have thought quite a bit about adding more from my fantasy game Roguish (they much delayed version) into Rogue Space.  While I prefer D6 gaming myself, I know a lot of people really like rolling various polyhedral dice when they game.  For them that represents true gaming.    So I think I found away to satisfy us both.  The core rules books change (in what dice are used for what) but everything else in any supplement remains UNCHANGED.  So I could write an adventure or supplement and you could use it regardless of polyhedral or d6 edition rules you were playing with.

I will drop the polyhedral edition this weekend for your review.


  1. What kind of expansions are you considering? Traditional fantasy (you've already got the fighter/magic-user/thief archetypes more or less together)? How about bug-hunting with super-soldiers in nifty powered armor? Space pilots and psychic swordsmen in a war against the evil galactic empire?

    Or are you looking to create a wholly new, not-based-on-any-existing-franchise science fiction creation? I like it all, I'm curious to see what's next.

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for your interest.

    Rogue Space (and my western RPG Buckshot) are kind of spawns from my in progress fantasy RPG Roguish. I was inspired to do the 8 page format by Stuart Robertson's Weird West rpg. So yes there is a fantasy background to this endeavor.

    Yes there are more adventure settings coming: Bugs v. Marines v. Robots, Solar Wars, Space Trek, and a gothic/dark universe setting called Nightfall. The first sample setting is a pulp space setting "Blue Priests of Pluto." Will there be one definitive setting? I don't think so. Instead I'd rather put together some starters like Blue Priests, and based upon interest add to them when (if) needed.

    I am going to put out a more "standard rpg" polyhedral version of the core Rogue Space rules tomorrow and get some feedback before rolling forward.

    The next product to come out will be an alien race focused release Simian Stars. This will allow you to play as, or to introduce damn dirty apes into your Rogue Space game! I kind of see them as Rogue Space's version of Klingons. Lots of ideas, just wish I had more time to put them all onto paper!