Thursday, December 22, 2011

How soon is now?

Awhile back I posted an image of black obelisk from 2001 a space odyssey.  Why? Well to tease the coming of an official printed Rogue Space RPG book.  This will be a digest sized book and I do not want it to go beyond 48 pages, and ideally I can keep it down to 36. 

What the rules will be is a compilation and revision of the core Rogue Space pocket mods:
  • Basic Rules
  • Starships
  • Aliens and A.I.
In addition I will add
  • more psionics
  • a brief intro to RPG's and terms glossary for new players
  • Simple sandbox Sector creation rules

Note: This rules book will make the currently posted Starships and Aliens/ AI pocket mod rules obsolete...BUT I am keeping them up in pocket mod in case you prefer the original rules better!

I will only support, combine and create materials using the new rules once the book is done and out, but the current core pocket rules will remain free and an introduction to Rogue Space.

This is the only "For Sale" item I intend to produce for Rogue Space and will continue to provide all other materials, adventures and compilations free in pocket mod format.

I hope to have the rule book out in January for purchase, and while I have not settled on an MSRP yet...I like the idea and symmetry of an 8.88 price...

So I will be watching the site and around to comment, but a lot of the great work I want to pursue using the fantastic work of Needles, Porky, and Garrison James' Ain 4 materials will have to wait a few weeks until I knock this book out.

Also note, the image on this post is an idea I am considering for the game cover...except with a star field background.  Interesting? Or should I keep the original from the pocket mod?

Thanks for your patronage to my little site and support for Rogue Space, its gone from 8 pages to infinity!


  1. Looking forward to it! One vote here for building on the Skull & ∞ for the cover

  2. @RSJ-thanks very much both for your support and feedback, it is much appreciated.

  3. I'm very happy to hear this. I like the dual approach too, leaving the existing material there as a parallel track and a route in.

    In that case I'll hold off a bit longer with the vehicle construction, work on it over the weekend and post early next week. I'm trying to keep the approach close to the route you went with the ships for consistency and that same vibe.

    I also think that image will work for the cover, give it some pulp menace with a hint of harder sci-fi.

    And I'm glad you're working something out with Gj - those guys are going places too, for sure.

  4. Very happy to read about this! Happy to help in any way, shape or form. There's more stuff up on my blog waiting to be turned into more material.

  5. @Needles- Thanks very much for the kind offer of help!! Man I have seen a lot of good material going up on your site, and am anxious to "Rogue" it! But I have to finish the core rules book first! Hope to have it done this weekend, and a fine fellow has already offered to edit it, so should see the core book in January! As soon as it goes to edit, I can start some fun conversions!