Saturday, June 18, 2011


Holy Crap! I know its not like giving birth, but damn is it taxing!  After lots of delays, reworks, play tests, edits, and hair pulling, here are the Rogue Space Starship rules! The Starscope playable map is there as well, full sized for your use. Download them both now over in the Rogue Space Sorties image to your right.

These rules give you all the basics for combat and movement along with defining ships attributes.  Is it the last word on the subject for Rogue Space? Nope.  I think I learned a lesson from Supplement 2 Aliens and Androids by trying to cram too much into 8 pages.  This just feels cleaner and more simple.  I think a Shipyard supplement is a mandatory next.  You can read these rules and see how they would be laid out.  Then the shipbuilding rules will be its own supplement.

One of the biggest "gripes" with the rules may be that weapons do the same damage regardless of ship size they are in.  Yes a structure 10 ship laser does the same damage as a structure size 100 ship laser. I fooled around with 4 different options to try and make it more "logical", but in play, I found out the basic rules worked best!  I am chagrined when you discover the answer all along was, "quit fixing, it was never broken!"

You see, a larger ship has more "hit points" so each of its systems do as well.  Meaning it can sustain a lot more damage and keep weapons firing much longer which in the end gives it the firepower advantage with out modifiers, multipliers and other mathematical bonuses over smaller ships.  Clean, simple, and effective.

Second in RS: Starships, the random rolls for damage in Rogue Space Wander edition (for L, M, V, and X) are used for both weapons and shields!  This made combat quite interesting and fun!

Thanks to the 5 of you who voted, you made the Rogue Space "Wander" edition rules official! It's available to download now in Pocket edition.  Lots for you to download and enjoy so get after it.  I need to hyperspace for awhile....I keep dreaming of the Blue Priests of Pluto....that phrase is stuck in my head and I feel a splat book setting germinating...

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