Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The end is beginning

Image Source
The print samples arrived for the revised edition of Rogue Space!

The bad? The covers (note this image in the post is NOT the cover) always come out about 20% darker then I expect, so that needs to be changed but the inner stuff looks good!

Now I have some additional bits to insert that I made over the waiting period and tweak some it probably won't be ready until Sunday....but we are almost at the end of the revision!

Thanks also for voting, the PDF will have the art!


  1. Great news! I've been looking forward to this!

    1. Thanks BB, I hope you will find it worth the wait!

      I am quite anxious to launch the revised edition.

    2. I'm sure it will rock! Loves your wife's art by the way.

  2. That cover, looks like Cthulhu - in space; kind of ;-)
    Like everyone else, looking forward to the revised edition.

  3. Thanks guys! To be clear the image on this post is not my wife's and not the cover! It is just a wicked cool cthulhu vs skeleton astronaut image I found!

    I keep finding bits to add to flesh it out a bit more but nearly done and then the final edit Saturday.