Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stay on target

Here is the cover! Although this images is pixelated, the actual cover will not be.

I added in a number of new details and option charts to better flesh out some areas...and have spent the last 4 hours laying out the whole damn thing again.  UGH.

I am going to spend the rest of the day editing the text for the bazillionth time it seems...and I keep finding crap to fix!

So my best estimate is Rogue Space will launch tomorrow and be available for purchase as a PDF or 9x6 printed paper back via

If you are curious about the rules or just hearing of Rogue Space for the first time, check the downloads for an 8 page pocket mod PDF that will give you the basic core rules and character creation!


  1. Excellent, looking forward to picking this one up!

  2. New Rogue Space = The best part of getting up tomorrow!

    1. Heya Giles! I see your excited about this one too!