Friday, January 3, 2014

Test Flight

Image Source
Well the test print is ordered and hopefully will be back to me for review in a week!

Now comes the waiting which is one of the most difficult parts!

Thanks for your kind words and support, I know its been a long strange trip to get this revised edition done, but I think it will be worth it!  Thank you again for your patience and continued support! 

I have uploaded a new version of the sample rules in Pocket Mod format and have changed he hosting site for Rogue Space files to Mediafire. This is a safe site so no worries about strange software.  

Below is a look at the table of contents for the new edition. Stay tuned space fans!

...and if you download the pocket mod but are not sure how to fold it up, here is the how to!


  1. Looks very good. Looking forward to the new sections on Cybernetics and NPAs...and the Robots...

  2. The combination of left-aligned text and dotted lines between the headings and page numbers leads to a very unique appearance.

    1. Some dots are larger than others. Did you do this on purpose?

    2. The dots are meant to be same size, I think it is a distortion of the image, but I will double check to make sure some are not bold by mistake! Thank you!

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