Friday, January 17, 2014

First review

Giles has published the first review of the new edition of Rogue Space!

If you are curious about the new edition of Rogue Space, Giles' review of the original and the new edition are a great resource.

In addition if you are curious about trying it, the downloads link on this page (over to your right) has a pocket mod mini version you can download and try...that's really how this whole thing started with that little 8 page booklet.

I am thankful that your interest and support led the 8 page little game into this larger and expanded edition. I am also happy that the game mechanics are no more complicated to play and it retains the simplicity and flexibility even with the additional chrome and options.

It is very gratifying to see the additional works created such as Mech Rules by M. Jared and his Star*Drive conversion, or check out the cool Mass Effect conversion by Mik...and if you are really adventurous, check out whole creatures and explore a sector created by Hereticwerks!

It is a "mission accomplished" for me personally to see the core simplicity of the rules allowed flexibility and ease of translation to become a little engine inside these other fellow gamers outstanding and inspired creations!

Check out what they have made, listen to Mik's podcasts of their Mass Effect Rogue Space sessions and maybe you'll get inspired to carve out your own homeworld in the Dark Frontier.

Godspeed and Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the kind words and the shout out. I hope it helps people discover a great indie rpg gem.

  2. Hey Fenway5 I do have a question about the rules. Last night my character was doing some crazy maneuvers on a hover board, how would I handle the rolls for this in the rules? I wasn't sure which attribute would be most appropriate. Thanks!

    1. The Fighting attribute is the default for anything physical! So in this case you are Fighting to keep your hoverboard under control while doing crazy maneuvers!