Sunday, January 12, 2014

Explore the Dark Frontier

 It's been a long strange trip to get the revised and expanded edition of Rogue Space complete! Thanks for your faith, support and patience, it's now available for sale! You can click and use the image on this post on your blog as a link back to this site or just to show your support for the game.  My lovely wife made it, and yeah I think it rocks! (just like she does)

I'd like to make special thanks to those who continued to support the game and play it while it was undergoing its overhaul.  In the end there are no major changes at all.  The only change of any real significance is simplifying the NPA (Non-Player Aliens) down to a simplified DRM (Dice Role Modifier) stat instead of the old Technical and Physical values.

So it took me this loooong just to make that wee change?  Nope not exactly.  Obviosuly I have been very busy with my fantasy game (a mash up of TFT and Moldvay edited D&D) Heroes & Other Worlds.  In addition we played around with a number of play test changes to the RS system...and while it enhanced the granularity of did not make them any better. So the pattern evolved of test and chuck...test and chuck... over and over.  Only to find that the original Keep It Simple Spacemonkey design was all that was needed.

So I went the other route...adding stuff.  The example playable alien races got fleshed out, add in magic, cybernetics, specialized skills, ship interiors, trade, adventure creator ideas, ship naming, character personality charts, and other little bits here and there.  So in the 114 page 9x6 digest sized book the rules did not change much in this edition, but instead I hope you will find a lot more interesting options, charts and ideas that will make the game a more fleshed out and complete edition.

Here is the great thing about the new fleshed out edition.  You instantly have LOTS of additional material to add in.  Check out the ROGUE SPACE RESOURCES links!  You'll find MECH rules and a Star*Drive setting conversion by M.Jared, a whole sector to explore, LITHUS, on Hereticwerks and a conversion of the video game Mass Effect to Rogue Space on MIK's site.

Still not enough? No problem.  Check out the Rogue Space downloads link. You will find two issues of Rogue Transmissions ready for you with Vehicle rules by Porky and more interesting stuff! You will also find a converted weird sci-fi adventure from Needles Sword & Stitchery site ready to play!

So what's the future for Rogue Space?  Well that is up to YOU.  The revised rulebook is my magnum opus for Rogue Space.  Ideally I'd like to do more Rogue Transmission magazines (for free PDF download) but that means YOU need to also create, write and send me stuff to publish for other Dark Frontier explorers to enjoy!  Alien races, starships, planets, adventures, crazy critters, the strange, the mutated, the hard sci-fi, I am open to any of it and fortunately the Dark Frontier can contain all of it!

Whether this is the only new transmission from Rogue Space, or the start of an ongoing exploration of the Dark Frontier is up to you!  Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the game!

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  1. This looks wonderful! We're looking forward to more exploration of the Dark Frontier!

  2. Thanks for your continued support, looking forward to more Hereticwerks in Rogue Space!