Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Shape of Things to Come

I am finishing up some final edits on the main rules book today, then back to Mr. Marc Pavone for a final eyeball and okay.  Once that is complete I will do layout and make a print test  book.  Once I see all is as it should be, the core rules book goes up for sale.  How much will it be?

It will cost you the production cost of the book with no mark-up what so-ever.  I won't make a dime from sales of the rules book to you. They are, outside of shipping and production cost of the booklet, free. I will not post a PDF of the full rules booklet, nor make one for sale.  Pocket mods of core rules subsystems will remain free to download as they are currently.

Instead of making a profit from rules sales, I am going to ask for you for a donation.   Whatever you think is right or what you value the game at is up to you.  Maybe it's $1, maybe its $1000.  Whatever that amount is, if any, I leave to you to decide. I am designating this as:

The Rogue Space Program

Your support of the program will further the exploration and creation of more Rogue Space materials.  A lack of support means an abandonment of further Rogue Space Exploration.

Beyond just strict donations, my wife is going to create some unique Rogue Space Program logo items which you will be able to purchase.  Proceeds from sales, will support The Rogue Space Program.

Thanks for your patience, I value your participation in The Rogue Space Program and look forward to delivering the rules book to you soon.


  1. Shortly after the release of the Rogue Space rules there will be a Rogue Space mission booklet available! Take a look at my blog, for the free mission. It will be playable as a solo game or run as a mission for 2-3 "special forces" type PCs. Imagine Metal Gear Solid in space!
    Plot your route and pick your landing zone! Thrill to a dangerous insertion from space! Dodge enemy patrols and interrogate their personnel! Blow the base sky high and make your escape! MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS THAT YOU CAN WAVE A RAY GUN AT!!!!!
    Hopefully I'll have it done this Sunday evening.

  2. We'll be featuring more Rogue Space stuff over at Hereticwerks as well, both pocket mods and other things, probably a fishing trip to LithusII, and a few new bits of essential equipment no would-be astronaut-adventurer should be caught dead without...

  3. @Pavo and GJ-my final edit is done and Marc will give it a once over before I finish lay out and run a test book. I really am thankful for the creativity and fantastic additions you and others are contributing to expanding Rogue Space. Thanks you, I hope once the rules book releases more people will explore and get to enjoy your great works! Stay on target...almost there...Fenway5 going in!