Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hammer time!

I am honored to see a write up for Rogue Space is now up on Paul's Site Troll Hammer. Even better? Paul's created a WEALTH of Rogue Space characters and notes on some solo play he did.  Paul's creativity and ideas are a great addition to Rogue Space, and if you like Tunnels & Trolls, there isn't a better site on the net to get your fix.

I have come up with an iconic character and look for Rogue Space which my wife is working on bringing to life now.  In addition the first logo is complete with two more variant logo designs are to come.  I am waiting on a return of the final edit from Marc, and then layout begins.


  1. That artwork is great! That guy in the fishbowl helmet definitely looks untrustworthy...

  2. @GJ-You have to beware of those cthulhunauts--they are sketchy!