Monday, January 30, 2012

Rogue Transmissions

Rogue Transmissions is an idea to put out a quarterly journal of cool, innovative, interesting and new stuff supporting Rogue Space RPG. 

What I need is articles from YOU!  Build a whole sector, a whole setting, a planet, NPC's and a ship, add-on new rules or create whole adventures!  Submit art if you like as well, my poor wife will get tired of drawing space cthulhunauts eventually!

YOU remain the rights holder for your work, I just have the right to publish it in the quarterly and in any reprints (such as a yearly annual).  This is a labor of love, so I cannot pay you...and I will only charge production cost for the quarterly. 

Again this will be part of the Rogue Space Program, so if you donate to the program, we'll keep exploring Rogue Space.  No donations, the program ends.

To those who contribute, I will send you a PDF copy of the completed issue you contributed to.  Rogue Transmissions will only be sold as a physical booklet, so your possession of the PDF is a special thank you!  In addition, I will of course call out your blog or site in each issue as the lead into your contribtuion and on a summary contributors page.

So if you have designed some great stuff for Rogue Space, or were thinking about is the the time to explore those ideas and send along your own Rogue Transmissions.

You can submit your articles in MS WORD or Open Office word document to me at

Thanks for your support!


  1. You see some stuff in a couple of days...

  2. @Paul, thanks I sure hope it is!

    @GJ-Thanks very much, I cannot wait!

  3. I'm late on this - can it be content from the blog so far, maybe developed more, or do you need new material?

    1. @ Porky-Yes it can be web content from your blog! The idea is to create a resource and idea repository so to speak.

    2. In that case, I can put a file together from what I've posted, maybe with a bit of tinkering. Is there a max word count per article, or per contributor per issue? Also, is there a deadline?

  4. No max I will pull stuff together as it is submitted-trying to do 24 total pages per issue. Deadline would be early March (1st week.) THANKS!