Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mixology complete.

I am happy to say the excellent editing work by Mr. Marc Pavone is complete!  Now begins my part of the editing process, which given Marc's excellent work, should mean the rules book will be out quite soon!

I will finish the edit and then proceed with layout and I hope to have the beta book done this weekend for a final look before a print test.

As you know this will be a printed book edition you can order.  I will also keep the 8pg pocket mods up and free to download.

In the meantime, Hereticwerks has come up with a Green Star Whale you may come across in Rogue Space...and this is only a start. Look at the creativity and options with this creature, its really inspiring. Hereticwerks has many more cool and frankly kick ass plans for expanding Rogue Space in new directions.  Add them to your daily blog reads, you won't be dispaointed!

Thanks for your patience, I hope you will find it worth the wait.


  1. Great news! Best of luck getting it printed and out to the public ASAP!

  2. Thanks Paul! Revisions on the rules continue. I have had some great and insightful feedback. So while it goes slower than I had hoped, it is all to make it a good game.