Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're off to outer space...Rogue Space is go for lift off!

I can't think of a better "theme" for Rogue Space RPG than lifting from the greatest of Sci-Fi cartoons Star Blazers!  It's theme song is perfect and the cartoon is a big influence in how I view and think about Sci-Fi RPG's.

One choice I made is to use Three Archetypes in Rogue Space: Warrior, Rogue, and Technician.  Note, those are Archetypes-NOT classes.  I do not know if it will translate to everyone but I thought  about people at my work and how many have the same title (class) who they are and how they react problems can really be defined by one of these archetypes broadly.  So Rather than have a Noble/ Entertainer multi-class, or Jump Pilot/ Politician you can just call yourself that if it helps.

Instead your attributes kind of determine how good you will be at doing something regardless of your "class." Instead your Archetype for dealing with challenges will have a stronger influence.  So if you are a noble with a "warrior" Archetype you will be more prone to answer challenges with death stars, not diplomacy.  Or if you are an entertainer with a Technician" archetype, you will probably be overly concerned with lighting, sounds checks, stage design, etc as the major part of your performance.  Is it splitting hairs? You can decide if I was successful or not.

Off to your right you will see a Rogue Space Sorties it to get to the downloads section.  The Basic rules are up as both a Pocket Mod and standard page size so download, read them, and please let me know what you think.  Your reaction, or failure to do so will have a major influence on if this is a solo shot, or becomes a full space program.


  1. Any chance of getting these not as a pocketmod? Just dont have a printer available and attempting to read this on screen in PM format is highly difficult.

  2. Read this over tonight, I really like it. It's close to what Starleader: Assault should have been, and seems to be an excellent super lite substitute for systems such as Traveller, Stars Without Number and X-Plorers. I'm going to give it a shot with some sci-fi crawls from Dark City Games. Psionics may need some rounding out, there's a lot open for GM interpretation and it may work better as an expansion.

    I do think that there might be too big a spread in the Archetypes, but want to play it out first. The HP mods are significant but the reward for playing, for instance, a Technician seems rather minor.

    Finally, please do continue. I would love to see what you would do with starship combat and design, and how FASER attributes might work into that (like a bridge crew).