Friday, May 20, 2011

Rogue Space supplements: Sneak Peeks!

Just a few days left to vote and right now we have a tie between a star ship supplement or an aliens and droids supplement.  So in the interest of provoking more votes to break the deadlock and to re-affirm (or create fear) for those who have kindly already voted here is a sneak peak of both:

Star Ship preview
Star ships are based on the acronym: S.H.I.P.S.  which stands for: Shields, Howitzers, Interiors, Propulsion and Structure.

Shields is damage your vessel can take before hitting internal systems
Howitzers represents weapon systems
Interiors represent science labs, cargo space, living quarters, sensors, etc.
Propulsion is movement and speed
Structure gives you your base points to build with and serves as a notation for total ship size.

Aliens and Droids preview
Aliens are classified by behaviors and relative expected reaction.  This is summarized by the acronym H.A.I.K.U. representing-Humanoid, Animal, Insect, Known, Unknown

Humanoid-they look different but in general react and act like humans:  Klingoids, Vulcats, vookies are all humanoid
Animals-they react like animals on earth concerned with basics of life like lizards, horse and bears.
Insect-they are job based with  specialized breeding/build patterns to create specific job based offspring-like bees, ants, or xenomorphs, and droids
Known- is kind of a catch all for a behavior pattern that is somewhat known but different and thus far unclassified.-like a giant space Amoeba-you know its an amoeba, but its flying in space somehow so who knows what it will do.
Unknown would be like Ancient Aliens-you have no idea how they function, will react, nor why, its a complete mystery

Okay there is your food for thought for the weekend, we will all see the results on Monday.  As they say in Chicago-vote early, vote often!


  1. I can stat up aliens just using the regular rules and special rules as I go -- I need the Starship rules! I need to know how SHIPS works. Vote for starships, vote for starships!

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