Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Manual

Despite almost being done with the manual I've decided to add a few extra bits that seemed to be needed.

1. A short solo adventure by Paul Ingrassia
2. A brief outline of sci-fi genres to consider for your own settings/adventures
3. A brief referee's role/hints section
4. Sample Setting
5. Short refereed adventure

All of it remains lean and mean, but it fills out a few gaps and I think adds a bit more Rogue to the Space.

Between my work schedule and the necessary editing and layout work, I believe late February would be the timeline most likely for the manual launch.

     (not the cover!)


  1. I like the artwork on the notcover a lot!! Solo adventure, interesting.

  2. As do I! Very early 80's Atari feeling!

  3. thanks all! The "not cover" is from the old Atari 2600 break out game manual! It was so funky cool I could not resist going rogue space on it.

  4. Will you still be adding the skirmish rules to the rulebook? (please say yes).

  5. @ Oliver--sorry they had to come out to include other RPG materials...BUT have no fear, an expanded version of the rules will appear in Rogue Transmissions first issue! The expanded version will added vehicles, support weapons and mortars. I will stay simple and playable, not a rewrite by any means, just a more fleshed out game. Issue one of Rogue Transmissions is scheduled 1 month after the RPG rules!

  6. I'm looking forward to the release.

    Expanded Skirmish Rules sounds like fun.

    What's the deadline for getting material in for Rogue Transmissions #1?

  7. @Paul, early March (1st week of)